Is it safe to eat Bisquick dough?

Yeah, I know. A lot of you are going, “Eww, why would you want to?” But the other night I was making dumplings to put in my beef-vegetable soup, and damned if the leftover dough in the bowl wasn’t kind of tasty!

I looked it up online and from what I’ve seen it sounds like you shouldn’t eat it if it contains raw eggs (it didn’t) for the same reason you shouldn’t eat cookie dough (which I do, but rarely these days). Some people said, though, that flour and Bisquick can contain E.coli (no fun!) or mold (usually only if it’s past its date, and only a problem if you’re allergic, which I’m not).

So…is it relatively safe for me to do it again? I don’t plan to make a habit of it or anything, but are these cautions mostly a “let’s cover our ass” thing, or is it likely that my freshly-bought Bisquick contains Bad Things That Should Not Be Consumed Raw™?

Interestingly, it says “Do Not Eat Raw Dough” on the box, but it’s hard to tell if that’s just in reference to the pancake recipe it’s near (dough contains 2 eggs) or for all the recipes regardless of egg content.

I think the only real worry with Bisquick is that it can become rancid over time from the shortening. That and maybe pantry moths.

I’ve heard that there is very nearly a 0% chance of getting salmonella from store-bought eggs these days, so I wouldn’t worry about eating raw batter or cookie dough on that account.

Whenever I visited my grandma she would make cookies with me and I would eat a ton of the raw cookie dough, I strongly believe it has amazing properties in it to keep one young…:slight_smile:
I think doctors should write prescriptions to take a spoonful of cookie dough every four hours

I never once in all those years got sick from all that cookie dough and have better overall health today because of it

Your grandma has the best cookie recipe I’ve ever tasted, Mr. Tollhouse.

Though not normally thought of as a gourmet item, I believe a raw dough discussion would best be handled in Cafe Society.

That’s correct; according to the CDC, only 1 in every 20,000 eggs are internally contaminated. By comparison, 1 in 8 broiler chickens were found to carry salmonella.

I like my yolks runny. I have never gotten salmonella.

When he can’t find chips in the cupboard, Mr. Pundit often resorts to snacking on Bisquick dough. No ill effects other than the “ick” factor (from me).

I mix up Bisquick and water, and sometimes a little grated cheddar, and then don’t bother to bake it into a biscuit. No harm has befallen me in over 40 years of doing this, as long as my mother never finds out.

Great, now I’m cravin’ some…

I eat raw eggs all the time (from our hens). Never a problem.

Also, apparently stink bugs are not toxic. We had a nice venison stew, and my gf garnished our bowls at the table by rolling up and snipping basil/cilantro/parsley onto our food. When she finished, she noticed half a stink bug squirming around in the remaining leaves.