Is it still"good"?

While poking around way in the back of my refrigerator, I found an old jar of Limberger cheese. Normally, I take a sniff of things that I find of questional age, but what does one do with Limberger? When it goes “bad”, does it start to smell “good”?


I’ve never had Limburger. Does it taste better than it smells?

Is this anything like the infamous “sour cream” question?

Bun: While it’s not MY favorite dairy confection, limburger does indeed taste better than it smells. It’s nice on a dark rye with some raw onion and a cold beer alongside. Makes you feel like you’re sitting around an 1890’s alehouse, like Old McSorley’s.


Any kind of cheese, just about, is already “bod”, so to speak.

I don’t know specifically about Limburger, though. Is it a soft cheese? With most cheeses I’ll jsut cut away the nasty bits and find a perfectly fresh, tasy cheese underneath.

Curious fact: People who have lost their sense of smell: one of the dangers is eating spoiled food. While they retain the ability to taste sour, bitter, sweet, and salt, the subtleties of food are completely gone, including whether food is bad or not. They also have to have special meters installed in their homes to indicate gas leaks, since their noses can’t tell them if there are any. Bonus: they have no idea whether you stink or have bad breath.