Is it time to cut the bullshit and have a military coup to overthrow Donald Trump

I get the constitutional crisis this would cause.

However, I do not think any of the Founding Fathers, in their wildest dreams would have thought that an elected President would encourage citizens to turn on the governors of states in a rebellion, suggest household cleaners be used to cure patients, or verbally abuse reporters at press conferences, in the middle of what is one of the top 4-5 crises in our country’s history.

This is not an anti-Republican post: regardless of Mike Pence’s politics I cannot see him acting like a petulant child on the world stage and at the very least, performing like a gentleman and a leader in what might be the most country dividing crisis since the Civil War. I would happily welcome him as our new President.

Donald Trump has not only through his actions or lack of thereof helped to exacerbate the COVID-19 crisis in the United States via lack of action and denial, he has acted like a mentally ill individual in public response to it as thousands die and the economy and the USA disintegrates into chaos. Donald Trump has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is not capable to be President of the Untied States.

If the 25th Amendment cannot be enforced, I call upon our military to remove this obviously incompetent clown from the White House, place him in a mental institution, and install Mike Pence as President with an election as followed in November!

I don’t think the founding fathers in their wildest dreams would imagine an entire party complicit in the president’s treachery. Without that the 25th amendment is still on the table.

So, who would the leader of the Junta be?
Mark Milley seems a decent sort.

I’d never heard of the guy, but I would hardly call his Wikipedia bio glowing. In the place where his important combat roles might be listed we see only

The part of the bio which would brag about his cum laude degrees features

Uh … whippee?

The highlight of his career, other than being appointed to Chair the Joint Chiefs by the Trump, was “In 2018, Milley was involved in deciding whether the Army would publish a controversial study on the Iraq War.”

I’ll bet the Wiki article was written by someone laughing at Milley’s flimsy record; and laughing that Milley doesn’t have any friends smart enough to put some lipstick on this Wiki. What do I win?

why would the military want to overthrow Trump?

Of course the usual, nea near inevitable political endgame of the US presidential system over the past centuries is to see the Head of State/Head of Government removed in a military coup d’eta.

Perhaps it’s naif on my part but I don’t see much prospect of a mutiny in the US armed forces.
Call me an idealist but that would represent a sub-optimal outcome on a whole lot of levels.
Term limits should be applied via the ballot box, please.

Even though, incredulous out it may be, he’s still in with reasonable chance of winning in Nov.
And to call the army to intervene after the event that he won re-election would be ungracious, sour grapes even.

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