Is it too late to recruit Howard Dean?

Come November, I think the most important issue will be responding to the coronavirus. In this case, people might be more receptive to an MD than an MBA.

At the very least, he’d be a great VP choice. Does he have any significant strikes against him?

He hasn’t held office for 17 years and hasn’t been a public figure for over a decade.

I wouldn’t. An MBA is just as relevant, if not more, to a president dealing with an epidemic than and MD. The president has to deal with all the aspects of government that are part of the response and not just the medical piece. That includes supervising things like foreign policy to ensure a coordinated international response. The job of president calls for a broadly competent generalist who can lead and coordinate scores of different areas of expertise. It doesn’t call for a narrow scoped expert.

Which doesn’t mean a lot of people might not still be more receptive to a doctor.

yes, it is too late to recruit a has been that never was.

Whoever gets the dem nomination should pick a female general as the Veep. Even better if she is a person of color.

Coronavirus is a rounding error in the US now. Come November, it might still be a supply chain/economic issue, but should be burned out. To beat Trump, dusting off someone that wasn’t close to the nomination on some hypothetical single issue, is unlikely to be a winning combination.

I would bet every last cent to my name that 90% of the population of America, if asked to name “a female general”, would draw a blank.

I really think the VP pick needs to be a known quantity who is already popular and noteworthy.

I think the short list, based on the current front-runners, shouldn’t extend beyond:

  1. Stacey Abrams
  2. Sally Yates
  3. Tammy Duckworth
  4. Not Howard Dean

I have a feeling that in the end, the candidate AND the Veep will be someone that as of today would be a total surprise. I just hope it’s a surprise in a good way.

Regarding Howard Dean, my dad was a big supporter of his in 2004, and he was at that infamous rally.

I know, the Dean Scream. If you actually watch the clip, it is a WTF moment. This excited campaign stop was an unhinged maniac??? You gotta be dry humping me? This torpedo’d a presidential run? Can you say 'media spin"?

Just shows how petty politics were/are.

Carson 2020!

I do not understand the hype around Stacey Abrams. I don’t understand it at all. She’s a former state house representative, best known for LOSING a gubernatorial race. What exactly is the hook here? “She’s a black woman?” Sorry, I don’t think that is enough.

Everyone gets the Dean Scream wrong.

I watched it live. Howard Dean was the front runner throughout late 2003 but starting losing it right before the Iowa Caucuses. John Kerry came out and beat him bad. John Edwards beat him bad. It was Kerry 37.6%, Edwards 31.8%, and Dean a distant third at 18%.

You were expecting a somber speech with possibly a promise to retool. But nope. You had the crowd fired up into a frenzy and Dean stomping out, rolling up his sleeves and declaring that they were going to win every state followed up by the scream.

It came across to me and to the news commentators at the time that Dean was at best, at best completely unhinged and did not appreciate the severity of his loss. At worst, he was being disingenuous with his supporters by not acknowledging what a kick in the teeth the Iowa result was. Either way it called into question his ability to lead. And this is at a time where he was already losing support and this scream just continued the spiral.

This new narrative that people got upset because he dared scream in excitement after a victory does not mesh with the facts.