Is it weird to email an old teacher?

I was just thinking about all the past teachers I’ve had and loved and I found one through google and got his email. It’s been about 10 years since I was a wee 8th grade social studies student but I remember his class very well and he sort of set the course for my future studies. Would it be weird for me to email him just be like “Thanks for being a rad teacher?”

Teachers, has this happened to you? What was your reaction?

I’m not quite old enough for it to happen to me, but I’ve got plenty of teachers in my family, and they have had out-of-the-blue contacts (mostly by letter, bless’em :wink: ), as well as countless chance encounters on the street, in the supermarket, etc. Except when it’s a defence lawyer desperately searching for an alibi and/or character reference, it’s always been very welcome!

I can’t imagine he’d be anything but pleased to know that he’s had a positive effect on your academic career.

Oh, errrm, forgot my concluding point…I don’t think they’d see it as very different if someone in your situation found their publicly-available email adresses. I know I wouldn’t.

He’d like it. Teacher’s (or at least teachers who don’t suck) like to know they’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

My parents, who are both teachers, love to get mail from past students. I’d email without thinking twice, especially since you’re being complimentary.

I’m married to an old teacher - who fortunately doesn’t even know what the Internet is! Most of the time that they hear from “the public” it’s because the schhol budget is up and someone wants to argue about pay scales.

They very rarely get to hear from someone with an axe to grind. Trust me, you will make their day a lot brighter. :slight_smile:

Duh, that should read "They very rarely get to hear from someone withOUT an axe to grind.! :smack:

It’s very meaningful for the teacher–go ahead.

I know Hubby is always touched when one of his students send him a complimentary note.

I’m not a teacher. I take students on tours of the museum in which I work sometimes, and occasionally, one of them will send me a nice thank-you note. I’ve kept every one of them.

It’s only weird to email an old teacher if it’s not one of your old teachers. Like if you’re answering an ad at or something.

I think it is a great idea - not weird at all.

I come from a family of teachers. That type of thing is pretty common and they like it. Actually, they live for that shit from what I can gather.

I contacted an old teacher once and got the distinct impression that the intrusion was unwelcome. Yes, it was a teacher I had adored.

Go for it. I always like hearing from old students of mine.

I’m curious about the details of this, if you don’t mind sharing. Did you call him/her on the phone or show up in person or something? What exactly did they do that gave you that impression?

I can’t imagine any teacher not welcoming something so unobtrusive as an email. At the very worst, they just delete it and that’s that.

I’ve done it. I always wanted to thank them for the encouragement during my teens, which were difficult and awkward years. Two teachers have always stood out in my mind as unforgettable beacons in those dim days, so I sleuthed, found email addresses, and one night, after a drink or two, sent 'em off.

By the way, don’t forget that teachers see a lot more students than the other way around…be certain to begin with “you might not remember me, but…”, and mention a few other people, perhaps a mischevious incident, whatever will make you stick in the mind of someone who’s seen thousands of students pass through those doors. It’s not that they’re impersonal or that they forget you as soon as you leave, it’s just that a few prompts helps connect everything together!

What he said. After a few years, the only ones we remember clearly are the ones who were monumental pains in the butt. Give us a few clues, please. It’s nothing personal, we just deal with 150 students a year. I have trouble remembering who was in my class last semester, much less 10 years ago.

I teach high school and I love hearing from my former students! I’ve kept every letter of appreciation I’ve ever received. There is even a group of kids that graduated 5 years ago that I bonded really strongly with, and several of them still drop by the school every so often and say hello. Those kinds of connections are the BEST part of being a teacher, so I say you should e-mail him. You will make his day!