Is it wierd to build your own hand of bananas?

I’m not a huge lover of bananas, but lately I have been in the mood for them. So I have been buying them. But they have such a short optimal ripeness, existing hands are not of much use. Why would I want 5 bananas that are ripe today, or five that will be ripe in 4 days?

So I just mix and match, One from a hand ripe today, one that will be ripe tomorrow, a few fairly green for proper ripeness later in the week.

One of my friends said I was crazy, that nobody does that. But i have trouble believing that it’s all that weird.

I’ve never heard a bunch called a “hand.” I thought you were doing some sort of eccentric food art.

(And no, I’ve never done that–at most I’d buy more than one bunch at different stages of ripeness.)

I do it but it’s easy to forget which is which when they start to ripen.

It’s totally a thing, continue to do so should you wish. Your friend is wrong to mock you.

Some stores in South Korea sell them presorted thusly:

I do that if I’m buying 3 or 4 bananas for work-breakfast for the week. If I get them all ripe, one or two would be spotty and squishy by Friday, but buying them all green would mean trying to eat something not-yet ready early in the week. So, one or two of each and it all balances out!

I don’t buy them that often, but when I do I do it exactly as you describe.

It makes perfect sense.

I get them green, and by the time I get home they are rotten.

I’ve got no problem with it. Buy the one you like.

I’m slightly perplexed by being that selective regarding stages of banana ripeness but hey, whatever floats your boat. I can appreciate bananas from the mostly green stage to the “I really should’ve made banana bread yesterday” stage. That’s just me though.

Buying separate bananas makes sense for the reasons described above.

But ‘build your hand’ implies you’re…what, wiring them together somehow before taking them to the checkout?


I don’t buy bananas for myself, but as a kid I remember watching Mom pick out bananas exactly as described by the OP. The grocery stores we visited didn’t seem to have a problem with it.

This is the only context in which I’ve seen a grouping of bananas referred to as a “hand”.

Heh! I never thought of that. I will be doing it the next time I buy bananas.
I did know a bunch is called a ‘hand’.

ETA learned about ‘hand’ from a crossword puzzle clue, I think.

And then there is Hand Banana:

*Tonight... you.*

I usually only get two levels of ripeness, not three, but same principle.

And why would you need to mark them to keep track of which is which? Each day, you eat the one that’s ripest, and you can tell which one is ripest by looking at the rind.

I never thought I’d miss a hand so much.


wolfman, can I ask where you’re from and if hand is the common term there? I like it, but I’ve never heard it befor; I’ve always called them bunches of bananas. Also, I don’t think it’s weird to pick one’s at different stages of ripeness.

I’ve never heard of doing it that way, but whatever. Carry on!

I, also, knew it was a hand. Like Beck, probably from a crossword puzzle (or maybe a trivia event).

It’s not “a hand of bananas”, it’s “a face-hugging xenomorph of bananas”.

I don’t because I go to the grocery store multiple times a week and only have a banana a day at the most. I even refrain from breaking off a banana from an existing bunch for fear of breaking one of the ends completely open.