Is Johnny Winter a true albino?

Is Johnny Winter a true albino? Just curious as he doesn’t seem to have those clear pink eyes.

Not all albinos have pink or red eyes; some have light purple, blue, or grey eyes.

As for Winter, he sure looks like an albino to me.

How common are albino people? I’ve never met anyone with pink/reddish eyes!

His brother Edgar is an albino too.

Might be colored contacts; I believe I’ve read that sight problems are common in albinios.

Johnny Winter is blind as a bat (God bless him).

Griffin, albinos are quite rare. In the US, about one in 20,000 people has some form of albinism (some albinos have no pigment, others have a tiny bit; there is also occular albinism, which affects only the eyes). You’ve probably never seen anyone with red eyes because they are rare even in albinos. Most albinos have blue eyes. You may have seen or met albinos before and not realized it. Albinos born to white families, especially families that tend to be pale anyway, may not be diagnosed as albinos until their visual problems become apparent.

Albinos always have visual problems. They suffer from abnormal development in the retina and nerves that link the eye to the brain. These problems are at least partially (perhaps entirely, I’m not sure) caused by lack of pigment in the eye; this lack prevents the iris from screening light as it normally would, so light can pass through an albinos iris as well as his or her pupil. This screws up the inner workings of the eye.

I think I once saw a black albino on the bus. I kept trying not to stare, but the woman looked so strange and I kept trying to figure out why. She had the facial structure and hair to suggest she was black, but her skin was paler than mine (and I wear the lightest shade of makeup) and here hair was straw-colored, but not the orangey-look of blacks who bleach their hair.

I finally realized she was probably a black albino.

No reason that’s impossible, Lorinada. I used to date a Pakistani albino - accent, facial structure, hair texture g were Pakistani but he was whiter than I was, had dark red pupils and grey irises, and was also pretty severely visually impaired. He had suffered greatly from racism in his country of birth.

Some time later I met an albino Québécois who wasn’t particularly striking as far as appearance went - was just very pale blond with a somewhat darker goatee, and skin slightly paler than my own. I don’t recall what colour eyes he had, but he didn’t seem to be visually impaired. He looked more Swedish than anything else. (He was a real hottie.)

An indigenous group in Panama, the Kuna, has the highest rate of albinism in the world: one in 200. This is probably due to severe inbreeding at an earlier stage in their history. It is very common to see albinos when visiting their homeland on the Caribbean coast, and also among Kuna who have moved to Panama city. The lack of pigmentation is a particular problem under the tropical sun.

I have seen several albino Africans in various countries, including Cameroon and Gabon.

Jamaican Reggae artist Yellowman is an albino: