Is Judith Miller a CIA agent?

Why or why not?

“Not,” because she isn’t one.

Is there any reason to suspect that she is? Why would a CIA agent refuse to share information about the unmasking of another CIA agent?

This thread will self-destruct in 5 minutes.

Seriously, I would hope the CIA trains their people a little better than that.

Because doing so might blow her own cover.

Not that I think Miller is an agent.

Perhaps some day this will be a factual question, but for now it belongs in IMHO.

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Nope - the American government has stated, for the safety of American journalists abroad, that it does not and will not use “reporter” as a cover for any of its secret agents. She’s a reporter - therefore, she isn’t a CIA agent.

She’s an agent, but not for the CIA. She’s clearly an entirely owned creature of Bushco. I’m amazed the Times hasn’t canned her. Makes me wonder what kind of leverage is being exerted on them.

the old ‘pretend our agents’ aren’t disguised as reporters’ trick, eh.

Oops, said too much. :wink:

I’m aware I said something different a few weeks ago, but they should have gotten rid of her a while ago. Her reporting on Iraq was bad, and the way she dealt with her subpoena ranged from odd to inexplicable. It seems the Times stood behind her on principle, which in context of the situation was a terrible idea. They didn’t handle this well.

She was an avenue for Bush leaks. As a working journalist, I hesitate in calling that a “reporter”. A friend who worked for the NY Times said she was taken off the WMD stories because she never got any of them right. She was writing the White House “line” as fact.

I understand she has left the Times to write a book about her experiences.

She’s certainly incompetent enough to qualify.

Good answer!

Ah, so she’s a double reporter.

What leads me to wonder is that I heard some rumblings that she has a security clearance. Has anyone else heard this? If it is true what would a reported be doing with a security clearance?

Maybe it goes like this. Miller is a CIA agent that has been placed in the press to gather not only info on folks in the press but also as an opportunity to make those contacts that come easier to reporters. This positioning facilitated her involvement in this White House Iraq group that we are hearing about. Then either she was used as a dupe to help the administration push the war or she chose of her own free will.

As a side note, does anyone doubt that there are CIA agents that use the journalist cover for legitimate espionage?