Is Kilroy still there?

Yesterday, Snopes featured a bit about the real Kilroy and how the “Kilroy was here” slogan started around the world in WWII.

A radio station contest in the 1940’s found the originator of the slogan in Quincy Massachusetts, and gave him a trolley car (??!) as a prize. According to Snopes the trolley car was incorporated into their home to increase the familiy’s living space.

Can anyone tell me if that house is still there and if the trolley car is still there? It seems to be a really neat bit of Americana and I’d wish the car was there and able to be seen. If this gets to be an obsession with me, I’ll have to do something about it.

That house must have a ton of graffitti on it

I don’t know about the house, but Kilroy will be hanging out on the WWII Memorial indefinitely.