Is Leprosy an issue in The Netherlands

I should have photographed the posters in the Amsterdam Train stations, several of which showed a person’s hand with most of the fingers missing some or all joints though most had an intact thumb. I think there were three or four unique posters, each with a different hand. I remember the word “lepre” from one of the posters but it doesn’t translate on Bablefish. Now I wish I had pulled my camera out of my bag even if it would have looked macabre to photograph the posters. If there are any Amsterdopers here the posters were in the tunnel between the train platforms at the central station.

It would seem odd if it’s that big of a problem…leprosy is curable/treatable these days.

Fascinating, Captain… :dubious:

Yeah, I see the posters every day. Didn’t pay much attention to them, but I thought they were meant to rally for donations to combat leprosy in the world, not in The Netherlands.

And by the way, the Dutch name for the disease is ’ lepra’.

I would assume so much. I’ve seen similar posters in Paris subway, for instance.

AFAIK, there are still cases of leprosy in the developped nations, but since these people are easily treated, their disease don’t evolve in the dreadful way it did in the past (or still does in some countries).

Isn’t leprosy now called Hansen’s Disease?