Is linking to your website in your sig in poor taste?

I rarely see people with their websites in their sig. Why is that? Is it considered to be in poor taste or something?

I wouldn’t say it’s in poor taste. Depending on the website, of course.

But speaking personally, it smacks of someone jumping up and down and insisting “look at me! look at me!” And my general reaction when getting that sort of vibe is to look elsewhere.

Mind you, I’m the guy in the monster movies who refuses to look behind him when someone shouts “oh my gosh, what’s that?!” by way of refusing to fall for that old trick, and therefore gets his head bitten in half by that thing with no face. But still, it’s a relatively prevalent reaction.

Not in poor taste, but redundant. If you wanted to let other people know about your website, you can activate the “WWW” button in your profile (on this board, anyway), so repeating it in your sig is unnecessary.

Well, I do it. My site is SDMB related, and neither a personal site, nor a profit driven one. I’ve not received any complaints so far, but if the administration of this board make known to me any reservations they may have about it, I’d not hesitate to pull the sig.

Says TLD without including his sig with his link. Ha!

Yes. :smiley:

What Earthling said - it seems redundant. That’s what the button is for, so why put it in your sig, since anyone could just click the button to get to it. For those who put it in their sig instead of using the button, why do you do it that way?

Porcupine, that’s a good point. For mine (and no, I’m not going to put my sig in this thread - it’s in enough threads as it is - this one is too obvious), my sig has a link to a site I run because I believe it is of some value to a section of the SDMB community to know about it. You’ll note I said “a site I run”, not “my site”. To me, there is a difference. The link in my sig is to a small SDMB-related messageboard of which I am the founder, yet I don’t feel it’s mine as such. It’s many things, but it sure as hell ain’t my personal website. If I ever get around to setting up a personal site, then I’ll use the web button in my posts. For some reason that distinction is important to me. Other people may have different reasons for using their sig to display a link, but that’s mine.

I’d say it depends. For example, I’ve been thinking about getting a .sig with my website in it and a short description of what it is, 'cause I actively seek people who share my interests and I want them to visit (and have reason to believe that they want to visit) the site.

Writing “the kewlest sight u’ll evah c @ come come come!” is in bad taste.

Writing “Try my Java games at” is not.

Priceguy, linking to a scam site is definitely in bad taste, in my book.


jovan: May I say “whoops”?

Of course you may.

[sub][mom]Just don’t do it again.[/mom][/sub]

I don’t think it’s in bad taste. It allows you to link to a different website than in your profile.

Also, not all users know about the profile link.

And, finally, it pays to advertise. :slight_smile:

I have links to photo albums of Aaron in my sig for my own convenience. Since he holds a more-or-less special status on this board, being the first baby born to parents who met on the SDMB, there are a lot of people who want to keep up with him. Posting the link in my sig helps keep any hijacking to a minimum.