Is Merely Trying To Call A Witness Witness Tampering

But what if TFG was simply traveling in his personal conveyance while phoning witnesses to his crimes?


And if my Facebook friend that I haven’t spoke to since high school starts posting about her exciting new business opportunity and how she’s building a team, and she starts messaging me 3 times a day wanting to talk, it could be the case that she just randomly started thinking about me and wanted to catch up. But it not going to be that.

Or when Trump called Brad Raffensperger 23 times before getting through, I’m pretty sure Brad knew EXACTLY what the call was going to be about, and that Trump wasn’t calling just to say hi.

Over in another thread, where we were speculating about who this person could, I pretty much eliminated people that Trump might call for reasons other than witness intimidation - for example, I’m pretty sure it’s not Ivanka. And we don’t know exactly what Trump said in the message that he left, it might be telling.

How does an acquaintance of Donald Trump know when he butt dials their number?

The conversation is more intelligent than usual.