Is mint cold?

I had a Trebor Extra Strong mint the other day, and I began to wonder what is it about mint that makes it taste ‘cold’?

Menthol cigarettes seem like smoking a cold cigarette.

Is it actually cold? Does it lower the temperature in your mouth? Or is it all an illusion? If so, what causes the illusion?

Put so succinctly there was no point paraphrasing:

Hrm. Cecil covered this many a year back but damned if I can find it.

Well, now I absolutely must know what happens when you ingest both at the same time.


Go buy a tin of Cinnamon Altiods mints and a tin of regular Peppermint Altoids. Take one of each candies and put them in your mouth where they are touching. It just tastes like sugar unless you leave them in one place too long.

Weird huh? :dubious:

Slight hijack;
I worked in HVAC for a while as a young man, and summers here get quite hot. We would put a few drops of menthol on the intake louvers every few days. People in the building always felt cooler.