Is Montevideo (Uruguay) worth A Visit?

I am planning a trip to south America (Argentina and Brazil), and am wondering if it is worth it to spend a few days in Montevideo.
I guess its a pretty laid-back place, where nothing much happens (the whole country has a human population of 3.1 million, vs. over 35 million cattle and sheep).On the plus side, Motevideo is said to have a great amount of Art-Deco architecture (which I love), and prices are pretty cheap.
Other than that, though, are there any good reasons to go there?
Please advise…I have to make reservations soon!

Moderator’s Note: In my humble opinion, there is not a great debate here.

It is a pretty laid back place, yup. Wether this is a pro or a con depends on what you seek.
There is a lot of old style arquitecture in the city, specially in the “ciudad vieja” (old city), where the style has been preserved rather well and has quite a lot of charm (i’m no expert).
You have nice beaches too. Night life is ok.
Economic crisis has hit hard. Very, very, hard. This is actually a plus for you cause if you bring dollars you can live it up quite a bit.


Thanks, ChaoGod. Why is Uruguay so small (population-wise)? Did people come there and just decide to move on? I guess beef must be cheap though, with all those cattle!

My father was born in Montevideo. Beautiful country. Compared to Argentina, you can get more bang for your buck in Uruguay. Many Argentinians travel to Uruguay just for the purpose of shopping. If you are going to Montevideo from Buenos Aires you can take the hydrofoil. It will take you over the Rio Plata in 45-60 minutes. The city itself has an old European feel. This is especially true of the Ciudad Vieja, or Old Town. There are other places in Uruguay that are worth as a visit as well. If you are traveling in the summertime, you should go to the resort town of Punta Del Este. It is a bit more expensive than Montevideo, but it is well worth it. The beach is amazing, as is the nightlife. You may also want to visit Colonia or Piriapolis. If you travel further north you can stay at a dude ranch with the gauchos. Good luck with your travels. Keep us posted.

First of all, I think the small size of the country somewhat accounts for its small population. Secondly, the economy is the greatest. Work is hard to find. On the plus side, all citizens are entitled to free college education. Not many take advantage if this though. Thirdly, there isn’t a helluva lot to do in Uruguay. Almost all of Uruguayan citizens are of European descent. Many came to Uruguay shortly before, during, and after WWII. As I understand it, the younger generations living in Uruguay want to move on. Aside from my paternal grandparent, all of my relatives from Uruguay have moved to the US.

The beef is cheap. The steaks are great. And the leather goods are a steal.