Is mopping the floor with pine sol harmful for my pets?

Every month or so, I’ll mop the kitchen and bathroom floors with a generic version of Pine Sol. I know it’s poisonous if ingested, so I began to wonder - my cat walks around in the kitchen after it’s dry, but could a residue get on the cat’s paws and somehow get ingested?

Is this a legitimate concern once the floor has dried?

I wouldn’t think so. You might want to go over the dried floor with a clear water rinse afterwards.

I have always been told not to use that type of cleaner around my cats. I don’ think it’s as dangerous to dogs, but cats are extremely sensitive to toxins.

Why are cats more sensitive?

For some reason the kidneys in cats do not handle toxins well, according to my vet. A tiny amount of antifreeze, for example, can kill a cat. Others have died from having dog doses of pyrethin flea control products applied to their skin. (Note - Advantage and Frontline flea control products do not contain pyrethins. The knock off tubes sold over-the-counter do, which is why I recomend never using them.)