Is Mr. Brainwash real? (Bansky's Exit Through the Gift Shop)

Yes the movie came out 2010 so I’m a few years late to the party.

Basically the documentary (or alleged “prankumentary”) “Exit Through the Gift Shop” documents Thierry Guetta AKA Mr. Brainwash’s (MBW) rise to street art stardom through what is obviously shitty art powered by the emperor’s new clothes mentality of art peoples. He has since done art shows in New York and London. But what many have asked is whether MBW a real person or a caricature created by famed street artist (and producer of the movie) Banksy.

MBW is cartoonishly French at points and very much full of shit but seems pretty oblivious to that fact. But then again I’ve met people who are very much in their own delusions-of-grandeur-world so someone like him existing is far from impossible. The purchasers of MBW’s art has been duped either way since he’s either figuratively an artistic joke or literally, via Banksy.

I haven’t been able to find anything that definitively says whether it’s one of the other. I have a strong feeling that it is a huge joke and those that have cared enough to find the truth consider themselves in on the joke and are trying to perpetuate it.

A part of me says I should just embrace the ambiguity and not to suck the fun out of the movie but no thank you. I would rather have the straight dope please.

Why can’t he be both? :slight_smile:

There seems no doubt Guetta is a real person who started documenting the street art movement. But MBW is a persona who plays along with Banksy’s prank because it makes him money. MBW seems to still be getting design work on the back of his fame, it’s probably a nice little earner for him.

It does seem like he’s a real person, but is MBW Banksy’s creation or Guetta’s I guess is the question.

I’m not trying to be snarky, but may I ask what information you’re basing your conclusion on?