Is my bourbon screwing me?

Why is it that regular Old Heaven Hill professes to be 8 years old, yet BOTTLED-IN-BOND Old Heaven Hill, which is 2 bucks more, has no age proclamation anywhere on the bottle? From what I understand, bottled-in-bond bourbon only has to be three years old to be guaranteed legit. So is the “8-year-old” thing for the regular stuff a pile of crap, or am I paying two bucks more a bottle to get crappier whiskey?

Generally, you pay more for older whiskey or scotch. The main question isn’t how old is the whiskey, it is, do you like the stuff enough to pay an extra $2? Since you haven’t mentioned anything about smoothness or flavour or finish, I would guess that you are probably going to be just fine with the less expensive stuff.

well, that all depends on what exactly you’re doing with the bottle.

No, but the entire bar is, after you finish your bottle.