Is my brother talented?

I think my brother is here displaying a great talent for art design and for something I-know-not-what which I’ll call “pop culture play.”

When I mentioned this to him, though, he claimed he’s “not creative.”

You tell me what you think.

Klif, if you’re here, sorry.


Your link doesn’t work for me

Strange… I just tried it from two different computers on two different networks and the link worked fine from both.


It works fine for me.

But, not being in any way creativly or artistically inclined, I don’t know what’s good, I only know what I like, and I like some of these, and others not so much. but as to whether it’s good and he has talent, I couldn’t say.

Most of it strikes me as the stuff I see on Livejournal all the time. Nothing terribly cutting edge. Though I do like the one of the girl spelling out his name. That’s creative.

yeah. it’s talent. it’s at least talent to some degree.

it might have a niche somewhere and some of the things i like, but it’s okay.

i don’t know if he could make a ton of money off of it or anything, but you’d be surprised what people will buy.

the way i see it, he should at least develop his talent and refine it to see what it can become.

That’s not creative, she’s just cute. :smiley:

I didn’t mean to claim it’s cutting edge. Just that it shows creativity and talent. Marketable skill.


This is what I’m saying. :cool:


I’m also not a professional artiste, just someone with eyeballs, and think it’s some cool stuff. I like the humor in it, and he seems to have a good eye for composition.

It has some visual appeal to me.

Definetely a marketable talent. He should try to get some assignments, offer to make logo’s for starting companies and magazines, stuff like that.

Here it is, two and a half years later, and I ego-search for my name…


For the record, by the way, and post-script:

I’m not creative!

Hope you enjoyed this blast from the past, Kilf, but since this thread is so old, I’m going to shut it down. If you or Frylock want to discuss your work here or in Cafe Society, please go ahead.