Is my cat the Amazing Magneto?

Often when I’m playing around on my computer, one of my two cats will jump up into my lap and purr herself to sleep. It’s very comforting.

But sometimes when she walks up – when she even gets within 5’ of my computer – the computer freezes.

Now, my computer isn’t exactly a world-class machine: its components are kind of low-end, and it’s in an ungrounded outlet (yay old houses). And it freezes up at other times as well.

But I could swear that her walking up triggers many of the freezes. It’s gotten to the point where I won’t let her in the room when I’m working on something.

Am I imagining things? or can a cat hold such a strong EM charge that her proximity freaks out my computer?


And we all know where this is leading. Pretty soon, government agents will show up and abscond with your cat. Soon, the United States will be the world leader in feline EMP and EMC technologies. Our pussy missiles will have our enemies weaping in fear.