Is My Machine Running Too Hot?

I am sitting in a 12x12 room as I write, and here are the figures from my gaming computer (all numbers in Fahrenheit;))

CPU 77
Mainboard 131
Videocard 135
Hard Disk 108

Fan Speed 4927

Because it makes the room so hot and I was afraid of losing it, I have set a small fan near the vent on the side, but I’d like for you guys, if you’d be so kind, to take a look at the above figures and please tell me what you think.

Many Thanks


Is that idle or load and what are your specs?

Those are pretty low for most processors and video cards, so without the specs I’d say you’re probably just fine.

Mine sits at about 38C, 3,000 RPM on the CPU fan when I’m playing Diablo III or Skyrim, so the CPU temperature looks about the same but your fan’s working harder. Have you tried blowing the CPU heat sink clean with a can of compressed air? My numbers were half again that size before I tried it (i.e, about 60C/4,500 RPM).

I run distributed computing on my PC, so I’m almost always at 100% load, CPU and GPU. My CPU tends to hover around 60°C and my GPU at about 85°C. They don’t sit at idle much, but I recall seeing 35°C CPU/60°C GPU as typical idle temps. What you posted, Quasi, is totally normal.

Anecdote time: For a short time my CPU was averaging about 90°C and the fan occasionally went full blast (quite loud). This was rather distressing to me. Thinking that stuff was getting clogged with dust and cat hair, I took my trusty Giottos blaster and blew out all fans in sight, with the PC still on. No change. I turned it off and put it on a table for closer inspection, removed the fan from the CPU heatsink and discovered…a clean heatsink. Squirted more air around, rearranged some cables, and plugged it back in. Temps magically went back to 60°C at load. Near as I can guess, the heatsink was no longer making full contact with the CPU, thus causing the high temp, and my bumbling around in the case managed to reseat the heatsink properly.

Anyway, the point of this is, you’re not likely to cook your components. Modern CPUs and GPUs will spin their fans at full blast (loudly!) as a first resort, and will underclock themselves as a last resort. If a fan dies and stuff does start overheating, you’ll notice, because your computer will be painfully slow to use, and might start crashing a lot, too. But they won’t actually self-immolate except in extreme cases, like the story I hear every so often of a guy who mounts his CPU heatsink on his CPU…which is still covered by the plastic film it was packaged with.