Is my rosemary still okay?

I bought rosemary in one of those “fresh herbs in a bag” things yesterday. I forgot to stick it in the fridge last night when I got home, and today it’s taken on a black hue on many of the leaves and stem ends. Anyone know if the rosemary is still fine to use?

Sorry, but black spots are a sign of rot. You can use the leaves taht are still wilted, if you wash them. In such small quantities, the black spots it won’t be poisonous, but the taste will be bad. So what would be the point in using them?

Anyway, many herbs are better when they’re dried, and rosemay is one of them. Personally, I wouldn’t bother buying it fresh or frozen. Parsley, yes; rosemary no.

Yeah, I was afraid of that. Thanks for the info! I like using fresh rosemary sprigs in my roasted chicken… guess I have to make another run to the store.

Rosemary’s fine. Her baby is a little devil, though.

Badaboom ching!