Is my state stupid? Or is there something I haven't heard?

Oklahoma is OK!

But cockfighting? I don’t see anything redeeming in it at all. And yes, I hunt and fish (though not as much as I used to.)

An anti-cockfighting bill in this last election (11-05-2002) barely passed. 54% to 46% with over a million people voting. Small state, people, keep up…

Now, was there something else going on here in this bill? 'Cause it seems like a no brainer to ban cockfighting. If there was something else involved in it, why wasn’t someone saying something about it? The news said it was rural voters that made up most of the 46%. Were they getting info from somewhere that we city folk weren’t privy to?

Also, or Govenor was decided by 6400 votes. But only 44%

It was dem 44%(+), rep 44%(-), ind 12%. So, no majority. Should three or more candidates be allowed on tickets? Seems like it could go 33%, 33%, 34%. A minority winning. Is that fair?

Is this one question?

With runoff election, Yes. Without, no.

Many areas have runoff elections to insure a majority. It works like this. There are three candidates: A, B, and C. After voting, the results are: A =35%, B =34%, and C =31%. Nobody has a majority and the laws aplicable for that state/district/whatever state that there must be a majority. So a runoff election is held where C is dropped from the ballot. There will be a majority after the runoff.

I like this system because it reduces the chances of someone “throwing away their vote” by voting for a third party candidate, thus enabling issues to be debated that may be ignored in a two-party system.