Is my toothbrush going to kill me?

Last night I got a glimps of an infomercial (I HATE INFORMERCIALS:mad: ) for a product that cleans your toothbrush.
Now, I’ve heard for years that germs build up on toothbrushes and can be unhealthy, but these guys were extreme. They’d have you believe it’s going to be the fall of Western Society.

This device cleans your brush with steam.

Wouldn’t pouring a little alcohol-based mouthwash on it before & after use be just as effective (and cheaper) at killing germs as steam?

Is your toothbrush going to kill you?

Only if sharpened and wielded by a crazed person.

The germs on your toothbrush started out in your mouth. Human mouths contain nastier germs than the human rectum! (Mouths have really evil anaerobic bugs hiding in the gums, the rectum has far far fewer of these!) Putting the brush in won’t faze your mouth, most of the nastiest critters you put on it last time you brushed died for lack of proper environment when they came out. Those few which fluorished won’t stand a chance after being put back in your mouth.

Always a great marketing idea to use scare tactics against an uninformed buying audience. You always have to wonder about informercials that tout solutions to problems that the general public never knew existed.

A number of years ago, I read an article about roaches loving the taste of toothpaste. Now, if this is true and roaches have a tendency to visit your toothbrush at night, wouldn’t they be leaving germs that didn’t come from your body and are potentially harmful?

As for steaming your toothbrush, it sounds like the typical money wasting infomercial solution to something that is easily solved. Take a small dosage cap from something like a bottle of Nyquil, fill it with an alcohol-based mouthwash and give it a soak.

Gotta wonder how we’ve avoided massive epidemics of toothbrush-related illnesses for the past 100+ years, and why it’s a huge concern now, huh?

Gotta get them toothbrush sales up somehow. Think about it. How many toothbrushes will a person buy in ten years. Not too many I bet. But if you could scare them into replacing it every six months or so…

I get attached to a toothbrush. I’ll use one for years before I replace it. I keep it in the shower and brush the hell out my pearly whites every morn and every nite.

Got a rotating electric on the shelf next to the sink. I use it whenever…three/four+ times a week. Never had a cavity and still got all my teeth at age 42. Dip 'em in peroxide then alcohol every now and then (the toothbrushes that is) :smiley:

I thought the toothpaste was supposed to kill germs? So, if the toothbrush has toothpaste on it, then why all the fuss?

Hey Gary… Happy Holidays :slight_smile: