Is My Wii Fried?

I had it plugged into a regular wall outlet Friday night (no surge protector). There was lightning. Then, Sunday morning, it wouldn’t turn on. I switched outlets - still wouldn’t turn on.

I figure either the a) power cable is fried, b) the whole unit is fried, or c) something else.

Any advice?

I used to work in Nintendo Customer Service :slight_smile:

Although it sounds as if you may have tried this already when you swapped outlets, try unplugging the Wii–without reconnecting it–for about 1 minute. The Wii, like the GameCube, has a built-in surge protector that’s tripped during electrical fluctuations and can only be reset in this manner.

If that doesn’t help, I’d suggest trying another AC Adapter if you can, just to narrow down the problem, as replacing the adapter is obviously much cheaper than the system. How long have you had it for anyway? If it’s less than a year (or somewhere close, Nintendo’s pretty good about that), Nintendo will repair it for free.

Definitely less than a year. What do I need to do? Is there an 800 number or soemthing?

Never mind - it works now. I guess leaving it unplugged for a while reset it.

Thanks for the help!

Unplugging it didn’t work, I presume?

ETA: Woo, glad to hear it! Nintendo’s products are pretty hard to kill =P

My dad… Took my Wii COMPLETLY apart, to get the game out. He thought it was dead, considering the fact that it was on when it died. WHAT DO I DO

Perhaps a zombie got to it.

As for your Wii, being taken apart may/will void the warranty, which is something that your dad should have considered (or tried other methods as suggested above); I hope he didn’t literally reduce it to component parts and only removed what he had to in order to get the game out (either to try to get it replaced/repaired or reassemble it and see if it works again).