Is Nicholas Cage dead?

Cuz, I don’t think there’s any doubt that this is a photograph of a zombie.

Is he wearing a coating of wax? Is his hair actually slipping backwards off his skill, like a beaver trying to sneak away?

I think if you look deep into his eyes, you get the sense that somewhere inside is someone crying, “help me!” That, or “BRAINNNNNNZ!”

More Cowbell!
He’s slowly turning into Christopher Walken

That’s called plastic surgery, obviously provided to that acting hack by the same bozo that zapped Mary Tyler Moore-Smile-Than-You-Could-Possibly-Believe.

And what’s up with that huge lower lip?

Here’s one vote for hoping his career is dead, as the only movie I can watch him in is Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Perhaps that is not Nicolas Cage, but is a Nicolas Cage wax statue at one of the Tussaud museums.

I sure hope it is, anyway, because if it’s really him… brrrrr.

I don’t think he’s dead, because I don’t think that even the best mortician could reproduce Nicolas Cage’s patented “I’ll knit my brows and call it acting” expression.

And I must disagree with you, devilsknew. Mr. Cage isn’t turning into Mr. Walken. But he is making Mr. Walken look normal by comparison.

He looks like Vincent Vega.

Dude, get a comb-over or shave your head. Trying to deny the receding hairline like that is just wrong.

Otherwise he looks about the same as normal.

Nah, Christopher Walken doesn’t look dead - he just looks REALLY FUCKING CREEPY. And I love him for it.

Worst mullet ever!

I liked The Rock and that’s about it for Nick Cage films.

Couldn’t bring myself to watch any of the crap he’s released since his return to the limelight.

Is his hair real, or transplanted or a rug?

Well Walken fans, time to try Christopher Walken’s Canon of Crap. See how many you can get.

If he’s not dead he sure is ugly.

Lord of War and Raising Arizona were awesome. Other than that I can’t think of a movie he did that I liked.

Nick’s not dead…but his son might be:

I saw him on a news piece (TMZ, I think) and he’s just a growling goth dude who spews hilarious platitudes.

I loved him in Birdie and Leaving Las Vegas.

As I always do in Nick Cage threads: How To Tell If You’re Watching A Bad Nicolas Cage Movie

I have checked his IMDb profile, and it turns out Nic Cage has made exactly six decent movies in a 28-year career:

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Valley Girl
Peggy Sue Got Married (which was decent in spite of Cage, not because of him)
Raising Arizona (plainly his high water mark)
It Could Happen to You
Leaving Las Vegas

(Now, Moonstruck might be decent, which would give him seven. I’ve never seen it, so I can’t say.)

Everything else, as far as I can tell, is crap.

I forgot about Valley Girl. I love that movie.

If you had Nicolas Cage as a dad and piles of money, you’d be weird, too.

I have to agree with your list and Raising Arizona is pretty much the best he’s ever done, though I did like The Rock or whatever that escape from Alcatraz flick was called.

If he wasn’t a semi meh actor, I feel he would be a used car salesmen.

how he still gets acting work is beyond me. he’s terrible

I think he’s got whatever it is that Tom Hanks contracted a couple of years ago.

Either that, or he’s preparing to portray guitarist Adrian Belew in a movie… which could be totally awesome, if astronomically unlikely.