Is northism evil?

Is the standard practice of orienting maps and globes to the north evil? The connection to Eurocentrism, racism, and culturism is hard to miss. Orienting north privileges Europe, North America, and northern Asia at the expense of Africa, South America, Australia.

The Earth has both a north and a south pole. Neither is any more “up” than the other. Placing north at the top of most maps and globes is damaging to the non-privileged cultures. The practice of putting north-oriented maps and globes in America schools only re-enforces Eurocentrism, racism, and culturism in a captive audience of children.

Should the Department of Education require schools to use an equal number of south-oriented maps and globes? Do north-oriented maps and globes re-enforce Eurocentrism, racism, and culturism?

A considerable majority of the worlds population (and most of its land mass) is found north of the equator. It is not just Europe and North America, it is all of Asia, most of Africa, and a considerable chunk of South America.

Jesus titty-fucking Christ.

People have enough trouble finding important locations on simple maps without you turning half of them upside-down.

Northern regions are more important to other northern regions. Especially back when the North = Up convention was settled on in the first place.And if the southern ones want southern oriented globes they can flip them easily enough; such globes exist.

No, it isn’t. How is it damaging?

So…back when they hung maps eastern side up (thus the term “Oriental”, toward the end where you oriented the map), was that because China secretly dominated Europe?

No, that would just be confusing.

A relevant Straight Dope column.

You mean like how U.S. maps prejudice schoolchildren against Florida, Texas, and Louisiana, in favor of North Dakota, Maine, and Montana?

I have to assume this is a parody.

What is the most important influence on life on earth? Why the sun, of course. When north is up, those poor people in the Northern Hemisphere have to deal with the conundrum of the sun’s path being at the bottom of the map. The unfairly favored peoples of the Southern Hemisphere can read maps of their continents properly, with the sun traveling across the top, and easily plan their outdoor weddings and architectural photography expeditions.

If not, Le Fou has an insufficient grasp of the magnitude of hosts of more pressing problems facing humanity.

Or just too damned much time on his hands.

Or he’s one of those darned Southern Hemispherians here to steal our jobs and wimmin!

It perpetuates the myth that the northern hemisphere is more important. It focuses attention on the northern hemisphere, implying that the north is more important. It puts whites and Asians over Latinos and blacks, reinforcing stereotypes about who is more important and who is in charge.

The south is just as “up” as the north and maps and globes should reflect this fact. Failing to recognize this fact is naked prejudice.

That’s just silly. It’s a leftover convention from Ptolemy, who didn’t even know that Australia or South America existed much less have a prejudice against them. That’s all the significance it has. And making geography more confusing profits no one.

Is this a joke thread? People in Africa and Latin America aren’t concerned with your damn map.

Oddly, maps used to be oriented with east up. That’s why it’s called that - the Orient is at the top.

It is not a myth, it is true. It is where most of the people are.

So the Inuit are the most important people in the world?

Or, if you want to be old-fashioned, Eskimos

Plus, there’s nothing really stoppng Australia, Argentina and Brazil from churning out some South oriented maps. Presumably they don’t bother because being on the bottom of the map does not, in fact, make them feel inferior.

I have to thank the OP, for providing evidence to refute those various posters who claim that the concept of “political correctness” is a figment of the right-wing imagination.

If the OP is in fact parody, I have heard the claim made in all seriousness in other venues.

McArthur’s Universal Corrective map is a good example: link

Do you have any evidence for any of these alleged ill effects?