Is now the time to sell my sealed copy of Madonna's aluminum bound "SEX" book?

I bought two of these aluminum covered beasts about 10 years ago when the first came out, one to look at and one to sell as a sealed collectors item. The sealed ones are running 100. to 200. or so on Ebay with first editions going for up to 275., although [this article]( says they can go for up to 500.00 (where?).

Here’s an example of a completed Ebay sale where one went unsold.

Anyway, I’m not really attached to this book but I don’t want to sell if the value will continue to climb. I can’t really see middle aged Madonna getting any “hotter”, but I am not familiar with how her more devoted fans might view her and her book.

I want dopers opinions re whether I should I sell or hold?

As a side note how can I tell if my copy is a first edition or not?

I have no experience in this whatsoever, but I say hold on to it. Wait for either Madonna to be hot again, or for her to die. I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Wait till she’s dead.

Yeah. 30 years or so, anyway. By then, it will be like sexy pictures of Marilyn Monroe. It will be much more valuable, IMO, if you wait a long time.

Dicey proposition. She’s three months younger than I am and with all that exercising she’s doing she’s probably going to outlive me.

So your heirs will cash in…

I doubt it will be much more valuable if and when she dies. There’s a good chance she’ll be not much of a celebrity by then.

Being a collector,mostly of music collectables, prices go way up after death. Try to get it autograhed, perhaps on the cover, that’ll really help.

I’d sell one of them now.

The problem is that unlike Monroe, there are zillions of Madonnabilia out there. Memorabilia always spikes immediately after the person dies, so maybe you’re better off waiting - even if there’s a lot of merchandise, you’ll still make more than if you sold it now.

I think.

“says they can go for up to $ 500.00 (where?)”

In a bookstore. They buy at auction & double the price usually, thus:
$250 x 2 = $500

Auctions have fees so you wouldn’t get $250.00 back.

Unless she dies in a really cool way. Like being decapitated while speeding down the highway in a sporty motorcar.

There are plenty of ways Madonna could become a hot item again. And don’t forget her kids are going to grow up, too. No telling what kind of notoriety they’ll bring.

But I see your point about her outliving you. That’s where the risk comes in.

You could try contacting her publicist and seeing if they have anything exciting planned for the future.

I’m sure that’s what they said about Jim Fixx

Keep the sealed one. Unsealed editions are not really rising in value, they’re mostly staying steady,so you might as well sell it if you don’t want to keep it. The sealed one can only rise in value though, so make sure you keep the wrapping from getting scratched.

If you would be willing to sell it to me, please email me. I’ve been looking for an unsealed copy with the comic book included, for about 3 years.

Oh! Forgot to add: She probably wouldn’t autograph either copy for you, if you ever got close enough to her to ask. Now that she has children, she won’t sign any photos of herself topless.

This isn’t my exact purview, but as a sometimes dealer in used and rare books I may have some insight. I would sell the sucker. The sealed SEX is desirable, but not particularly rare. Continued appreciation in price is unlikely with the sheer volume of copies circulating in the market. SEX is unusual as well because the ratio of pristine copies to well read copies is quite high.

I have seen the $200 figure remain relatively constant over the last couple of years. In 2000 I sold one for $200 and that looks like the high market value today. I will research the points indicating a first edition and get back to you on that issue. Lola is right that the unsealed will probably not appreciate as much as the sealed, but I haven’t seen too much movement from either recently.

I should do an ask the rare book dealer thread, this is fun.

Wait until her Gap ad starts airing. That might stir up some talk. They were shooting last week or the week before. An ad industry pub would probably reveal the air dates.

Well, I’ve been buying and selling on eBay long enough that I feel my 2¢ is worth it, so here goes:

Wait until she releases a new album, goes on tour, gets arrested or in whatever way generates public interest. Turns out that American Life wasn’t “all that” and interest in Madonnabilia is pretty low. Just checking eBay right now, there’s not a lot being offered and few bids on what is for sale. Your copy of Sex would probably sell if you didn’t have a high reserve price, but unless you need the cash now, just hold on to it.

Seriously though, I know what I’m talking about. Dale Earnhart stuff went through the roof after he died, Anna Nicole and Ozzy Osborne stuff skyrocketed after their shows debuted and Rolling Stones stuff always jumps after they announce a tour.

Ask a book dealer how much the book would be worth if Madonna were to die today. Make your next move based on his estimate.

I’m kidding! I’m kidding!