Is Nunavut the largest populated area without any paved roads?

I looked at a map of Nunavut Territory, Canada tonight. I do not see a single road which links it with the rest of Canada. There may be ice roads and very remote gravel roads, but I doubt there is a paved road in the entire territory. Am I wrong? Is this the largest (excluding Antarctica) area without paved roads? For some (military) reason, I believe there may be a few paved roads in Siberia.

Nunavut = 1.9m sq km. About half the size of the Sahara desert - anyone know if there’s over half of the Sahara without paved roads?

Looks like there’s paved roads within Iqaluit (seeStrategic priorities), but you’re right that no roads link it with the rest of Canada - see Iqaluit tourist guide

Several sources cite a 21 kilometer stretch between Nanisivik and Arctic Bay as “Nunavut’s only highway”, without saying what kind of surface it is.

If anybody ever suggested that highways should be constructed linking the territory to the south, apparently the people who make the decisions ain’t having nunavut.

Actually, I believe dmartin’s first link refers to plans for future paving. It won’t be cheap to set up a batch plant way up there.

As GorillaMan states, there are 1.9 million sq km in Nunavut.

There are more than 7.5 million sq km in Amazonia and within that region 3.54 million sq km of continuous forest cover.