Is Obama really the best gun salesman in America?

Seriously? Counting is a form of universal registration? We’ve been counting things since… well, always. How is a manufacturer saying “we sold 500 of these things” anything at all like “universal registration”? The manufacturer certainly knows how many products have been sold.

He’s a black president. For a certain part of America, I imagine that is a pretty big incentive to buy a gun, their world is changing so fast and their not equipped to understand the forces at play, so it must be bad and when things get bad certain people want guns to feel better.

You mean, like the universal registration the NRA performs?

Post #9 wins.

Absolutely brilliant post, in keeping with what should be the highest traditions of the SDMB.

I just did the math and it looks pretty close to true. Here’s a better link for you:

When I add it up, the first 5 years of Bush in office there were 43,486,717 background checks, compared to Obama’ 83,542,439. That’s 40,055,722 extra, not counting December and we still have 3 years to go.

So you don’t think it has?

Well of course, some people who get background checks get denied. Some people buy more than 1 gun at a time, so I think there would be only one check. Some people, like me who are CCW carriers don’t get background checked. That said purchases should be reasonably correlated with background checks. Or do you disagree?

Well of course the liberal media probably wouldn’t want to play up the idea that Obama has sold an extra 40 million guns and counting, in a bad economy no less.

Which they’ve been saying since November 2008. Despite the fact that the only slight interest the entire administration gave guns was to strengthen a few ownership laws.

But everybody KNEW, so…

Probably true. What does that say about the efforts of Democrats to make America safer by banning guns?

As noted earlier, it says gun salespeople are great at their jobs.

Sturm, Ruger and Smith and Wesson are publicly traded companies that seem to be doing quite well.

SWHC since 2008 Sturm, Ruger

I’m a gun owner. I go to gun shops and shooting ranges. I have seen and heard references to gun grabbing in these places and also heard references to purchases driven by paranoia.

It seems to me that the chief driver of gun and ammunition sales is the paranoid language of gun owners and gun store owners.

I bought a lot of guns since 2009, and I don’t recall reading much propaganda to do so. I didn’t even join the NRA till last year. In my case it was more in response to hearing democrats rail against guns and talk of reinstitution the assault weapon ban.

I used to think those guys were paranoid too, then the dems tried to ban guns again.

That weasel-worded anecdote has utterly demolished all the facts posted to this thread. I surrender!

And you just saw a Budweiser ad and didn’t run out to suck one down, so there!

When did that happen?

2012, don’t you remember?

40+ million extra guns and counting, mostly “assault weapons.” You probably should.

Yeah, I don’t know where gun owners get these ideas.

If you’re equating instituting a few ineffectual restrictions with “banning guns”, you’re going to have to start defining some terms, because you are using the language differently than the other posters (and the dictionary).

As a gun owner, I want to be able to take your side more, but you’re arguing the debate very poorly and embodying undesirable gun owner stereotypes.

Burying 20 bullet-ridden first graders can affect a person’s priorities.