Is Obama Swiftboating Romney with the Bain outsourcing/offshoring ads?

Go to his website, and click on the bio portion. He certainly acknowledges that he is not a career politician, but he devotes more space to talking about his time as governor than he does about his business career.

True, false… let’s not quibble! What shall we do with this pile of tats if nobody shows their tits?

How do you spend six straight years running for president and not call yourself a career politician?

Bain attacks are nothing like Swiftboating. Swift Boat Liars For Bush made the case that a decorated Vietnam vet who actually took enemy fire is somehow a coward while the guy that used family connections to dodge the draft, then went AWOL from the ANG when they started testing for cocaine is the next incarnation of Rambo. That this was effective only proves just how fucking stupid the low-information voter is.

With Bain, you’ve got repeated instances of Romney buying a profitable company, mortgaging it to the hilt, raiding its pension fund and then closing it down and leaving employees with no job or benefits. How many peoples’ pensions had to be stolen in order to pay for Romney’s car elevator?

The same way you present yourself as a Washington outsider when you’re a two term governor whose daddy was CIA director, VP and POTUS: chutzpah.

Okay, let’s put a stake through this one now. Massachusetts resident here.

Romney spent about two years actually governating, then Potomac fever took hold and he spent the rest of his term travelling around the country campaigning for president, kowtowing to the GOP right wing, mocking and jeering at all those silly liberal ideas of those silly liberal Massachusetts pointy-headed liberals – ideas he’d espoused to sucker Bay Staters into voting him into the office to begin with, mind you, but that was then, that was the Mass. market and now he was gunning for the U.S. mass market, so flip to flop.

So: One half term as a working governor, then an absentee other half. Obama, on the other hand, has been President for three-plus years, done a good job despite the unprecedented opposition of the GOP, and has foreign policy chops the Mitt-man can’t begin to match. So bringing up “executive experience in government” for the job of POTUS is not exactly a winning argument for Romney.

Of course Obama’s attacks on Romney are unfair because they aren’t rue, but then again how can yo trust a Socialist Kenyan usurper who eats arugula and has put together a secret army funded by the Black Panthers.?


This has been another edition of simple answers to stupid questions.

I’m no Romney supporter, but there’s a big difference between the two. Bush got everything he “accomplished” in business only on the family name. Romney got his start and his education based upon his name, but actually managed to build on that, unlike W.

Apart from one page on his website, written in the third person, does he ever actually talk about it? Anything in his stump speech, any policy proposals, any lessons learned from his days as governor of Massachusetts?

Bricker, your honesty about things like this is why I respect you as a poster. Just wanted to say that.

It might not be Swiftboating per se, but it is making use of the Rovian strategy of attack your opponent’s strength. Kerry’s strength was war hero, Romney’s supposed strength is businessman and supposed job creator. Painting him as a job and company destroyer falls into this strategy. It being truthful is a bonus.

As for Mass, did he do much there that wouldn’t be considered socialist by the mainstream GOP?

He was a pretty vocal advocate for tort reform, although I don’t think he actually got anything passed.

More than that, the first two years were about personal vendetti, not governing - trying to get Billy Bulger out of the UMass presidency, and to oust the Turnpike board chairman (whose name escapes me but doesn’t matter). Hie resurrection of the forgotten old antimiscegenation law to footdrag gay marriage implementation was nothing more than yet another act of personal spite, something that would seem to characterize the man.

It was not, btw, actually trying to get the Big Dig under control (something whose problems still get blamed only on the Democrats, despite it being run under 4 straight Republican administrations), or doing any of the other business-y things he had promised to do. He did tell us that his business connections would help him land new investments and jobs in the state. He did tap those connections as Governor, but only to get campaign contributions.

The clip of him reassuring those Foxbaggers that he was “severely conservative” is not going away, either.

John Kerry earned his ribbons. Romney has not earned a reputation as a job creator. I do not know this for a fact, but I suspect that during Romney’s stay at Bain Capital more jobs were destroyed than created.


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From your link:

I know it’s only June and all, but do you have any quotes from Romney that are actually from this year?

You couldn’t tell that from his business background.