Does anyone actually like Romney?

It reading these forums, and even the press, I note that lots of the right will vote for Romney because he isn’t Obama, but I’ve not noticed anyone actually excited about it. We’ve seen the tepid endorsements. So, is anyone on the right here actually excited about voting for him because he’d make a great president, as opposed to getting that Socialist Kenyan out of the White House?

I like him. He seems to have led a good life. He seems to have fine morals. He’s very accomplished. Bain was a very successful company, saving some companies that were having very dark days. He made money in the process…good for him. He stepped in to straighten out the huge debacle that was the Olympics of the time, and turned it around to applause. He was a successful Governor. One thing in particular I like is that he somehow managed to get the MA legislature, which was over 80% Democrat, to work with him to enact his policies. I like the idea, at this particular time, that we have a guy at the helm who is more of a business man. He clearly knows business. And he appears to know how to work across the aisle. I’m very eager to see what he can do.

Substitute “TX” for “MA” and this is exactly–but precisely–what Bush’s strong points were. How’d that work out for you? Did his business know-how do much for your stock portfolio around the time Bush was leaving office?

Yeah, but Romney went to Harvard Business School.

So did GeeDub, whether that is a whoosh or not.

Emphasis added.

But Romney also has a Law Degree from Harvard, so he’s got that on Obama.

What! He’s a fucking lawyer!? Fuck that shit, no way I’m voting for a lawyer!

Trying to keep magic underwear out of the whitehouse.

American cheese on white with mayo. The Least Interesting Man in the World. “I never drink beer, but when I do, its Coors…” My wife’s horse eats better than you do…

That wasn’t a bad presentation magellan, but I’m going to select out one point.

What company did you have in mind?

Bain typically didn’t hire mechanical engineers or true industry experts when they took over a company: all their engineering was of the financial variety. Ten deals produced about 70% of the Bain’s profits during the Romney era. Of the ten, four went bankrupt. Others went bankrupt as well: that’s what happens when you lever a company up and extract massive fees, which was SOP at Bain. Still, I figure there gotta be success stories. Which is why I asked. Staples doesn’t count: they had a solid business plan and received VC funding. That’s something else.

I like his healthcare plan. Oromney care

I wouldn’t want to drink a beer with him. Would love to split a tab of acid with him. Don’t much care for it myself, but be worth it to see what happens to him…

I’m sure Mrs. Romney is quite fond of him.

OTOH, I doubt his dog is crazy about him.

Romney is a full-time liar.

And when Newt Gingrich calls you a liar on NBC that says something.

Well, she’s the female of his species, isn’t she? But you look at her, and you’re looking at a woman who has never, in her entire life, awoken and thrown the back her hand to her forehead and cried aloud “God, I am such a slut!!”

Such women are seldom worth knowing, and not to be trusted.

Do we know if the dog is a female of the species?

A coworker said his wife spent the night at Romney’s house and Romney cooked breakfast for her in the morning (this was decades ago, I don’t know how they knew each other. I believe he said it was in Boston though, despite his wife living in both Utah and Boston). So he seems to consider him a nice guy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if wealthy individuals like his policies, but that isn’t the same thing as liking him personally.

A book written about the 2008 presidential campaign implied even all the other GOP candidates disliked him.,8599,1709507,00.html

Who are you describing? I thought this thread was about Willard “Mitt” Romney, son of MI Governor George Romney, former Governor of MA, and frontrunner for the GOP nomination for President of the USA. The words you used above don’t much describe that guy.

His fine morals led him to impersonate MI state police officers and to cut the hair from a gay schoolmate (without the other guy’s permission). Bain was successful, but so was the Third Reich, at least up until the end. Does it matter what you are successful at? Romney stepped in to rescue the Olympics largely by taking advantage of Federal largesse - the same Federal largesse he would deny to other private enterprises. In terms of the MA legislature, I think that they were successful at working with him more than he was successful at working with them. They overrode his veto hundreds of times. Seems more like the lege ignored him more than anything else.

I’m not arguing with your right to like the guy. I’m just saying that the guy you described and claim to like is not the Romney that is running for the GOP nom. Heck, I might like the guy you described and I’m as liberal as they come. Do you think you could talk him into running for President?

Just checked here. NPR says that Romney issued 800 vetoes in his tenure as Governor. The MA legislature overrode nearly all of them. He did reach across the aisle successfully to implement his well-known healthcare reform plan. However, Romney seems not to want to run on that record.

I don’t like Romney. He has no core values and will pander to anyone.

However, I will probably vote for him. Part of it is that I don’t like Obama’s performance, but that’s not the whole thing. I would still support Obama if the GOP candidate was Santorum or someone equally odious.

I support Romney because for his flaws, he also has very real strengths. His record as a turnaround artist is well established and that’s exactly what we need right now. In addition, while his political courage is lacking, there is no hint of scandal around the man. His performance as governor was decent, and unlike the President, he truly is not overly partisan. He has a record of working with Democrats. Obama had no record of working with the other party before he became President and not surprisingly, has had no success since becoming President. Romney will be able to work with Republicans and Democrats alike, while resisting the Republicans’ more harebrained ideas.

In 2008, I thought Romney was one of the worst candidates I’d ever seen. My views of Romney haven’t changed, but times have. In 2012, he might be just the guy we need.