Mr. Romney, just what in the fuck ARE you responsible for?

Forget that you were the sole stock holder, CEO, President of Bain Capitol. What about all those laid off workers?

“Oh, that wasn’t MY fault. I was off saving the Olympics. I had no idea what those knuckleheads were doing over there”

Mr. Romney, what about the bulk of your fortune in overseas bank accounts?

“Oh, well you see, I have no idea what my accountants do with my immense fortune. I just hand it over in a blind trust and let those guys do what they do.”

Um, yeah, sure ya do.

OK, those were hard questions Mr. Romney, how about I give you an easy one? So your wife’s horse is going to be in the Olympics. How’s all that going?

“Oh, well, you know, that’s my wife’s sport. I really have nothing to do with that. I don’t even know what day her horse is competing.”


There are a lot more examples of his “Not my fault” bull shit, but they elude me right now. Maybe others can add on.

I’ll give him a pass on the second one. That’s the purpose of a blind trust - taking all control of assets away from a person, so they don’t even know what their assets are. In a situation like that, I don’t see how you can reasonably hold the person responsible for how those assets are handled.

The first and third items - yes, those are signs of irresponsibility.

My guess is that he is responsible for what clothing he put on this morning, but I may be mistaken.

Some people might disagree with you on that detail…

That arguement holds zero water. Blind trusts are not set up so you just close your eyes and hand over your money.

The trust will get your risk profile, tax strategy, percentage allocations, on shore or off shore, and I would guess in Romney’s case a clause for no “sin” stocks (tobacco, alcohol, brothels, etc). Maybe something from your personal experience will shed light: if you’ve ever invested in a mutual fund, then the perspectus lays out very clearly what the fund can and cannot invest in. For example, a Money Market fund may say something like no more 60% treasuries, 30% AAA securities and 10% AA securities, no equity and no derivatives. Let me know if you need more to be convinced as this is a key point.

Romney has been running or thinking about running for President for a long time. He absolutely could have set up his blind trust for a Presidental run scrutiney. It’s obvious just by the off shore accounts that he did not do so.

Mitt Romney is responsible for everything, and for nothing, depending on which day you ask him.

Like any good executive, he’s responsible for all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff.

And, to complicate matters further, one day’s good stuff is another’s bad.

He is responsible for Romneycare and he should be proud of it. If had a clue what leadership is and if gave a damn about average Americans, he would be running on it.

I can buy stock in a brothel?!

Um, what form of dividends can I get?

He’s been dressing himself since college, at least; we know this because he had that police uniform he used to wear when he went out and performed highway robbery.

We also know he was responsible for at least one other person’s hair cut.

OTOH, he was not responsible for the dog on the roof of the car. The dog insisted.

Come November, he won’t be responsible for running a country.

The guy has Forgettable Election Loser written all over him. You cannot help but think of Dole, Kerry, Mondale and the like when you look at Mitt Romney. He is the most hopelessly empty, forgettable person to ever be on a major party ticket in my lifetime. His absence of a clear position on anything is, in a sense, his core position.

His election slogan should be “I’m Mitt Romney and…”

“Romney – the only white meat.”

Made himself 200 million while you post on a message board in impotent rage.

I’ll take that irresponsibility all day.

That’s the secret for guys like Romney, his life is many times over better than yours even when he loses the election in November.

He’s the conservative John Kerry, to me anyway (I say as a conservative.) He’s actually possibly not even the conservative John Kerry but just the Republican John Kerry, because it genuinely is hard to know what Romney actually believes.

He was vaguely Democrat before the 1990s, if you read his history. It seems like he picked his part because people saw Ted Kennedy as vulnerable that year and obviously to run for office he’d need to be from the other party.

That would be fine if Romney was content to just be a millionaire. But he’s running for public office. It’s hard to carry off an attitude of being above it all when you’re running around the country asking people to vote for you.

Heck, Romney’s life was many times over better than mine on the day he was born. Romney was born a millionaire, he grew up a millionaire, he’s always been a millionaire, and he’ll probably always be a millionaire.

You failed right out of the gate. That’s not a true statement at all and shows what level you’re operating on (hint: pretty goddamn low, even for the SDMB).