Is olive oil hard to find in some states?

As I finished cooking dinner earlier, I asked my signifigant other why everyone doesn’t cook with olive oil. It’s somewhat healthy and it’s very very good.

He claims that in some states, it’s hard to find. Here olive oil is up on the supermarket shelf just like any other kind of oil and it isn’t considered a specialty item or anything. Is it true that there are places in the civilized world where olive oil isn’t found in supermarkets?

I can’t find exact figures, but the U.S. consumes a LOT of olive oil, most of it imported from Italy or Spain.

I would think that off in some more rural areas of the U.S., it may be difficult to find olive oil. I doubt you will find it easily in small farm towns in South Dakota.

No problem finding olive oil in small farm towns in South Dakota. The same distribution systems that bring any other cooking oil to small farm towns in South Dakota can bring olive oil there too. This is 2003, not 1953.

Olive oil is usually found in the “liquid state”. Over a hot stove you may be able to find some in the “gaseous state”, but rarely if ever will you find it in the “solid state”.

[ul]:smiley: [sup]But just in case you are seriously wondering, we have olive oil in Mississippi.[/sup][/ul]

By South Dakota, I wasn’t referring to distribution, but rather to its popularity.

But if you figure that you can buy a pizza pretty much everywhere, it’s probably not that hard to find olive oil.

Olive Oil is used to sauté buffalo steaks in South Dakota.

I should have picked on North Dakota.

We are in the middle of the great olive oil shortage here in Oregon. The state rations it out and a large underground black market has developed.

Ok,. that’s a lie.

I’ve found some people don’t like the taste of olive oil and prefer to use a bland, no flavour veggie oil instead.

I think they’re nuts. Olive oil is great. I use it often.

(psst. it’s also good for those “adult” times when you break out the Twister game with the lady friend)

Olive oil is great, but doesn’t work very well for popcorn. Go ahead; try it.

Hehehehe… has some of the really nice expensive olive oils that can be imported, if you’re interested.

I don’t think olive oil is particularly rare. Every grocery store up here in the middle of nowhere carries it, so either we got some really enlightened yoopers up here, or it’s everywhere.

Report from small-town Wyoming: Several brands of olive oil are readily available here, in a wide range of price/quality. The local supermarket chains even have their own cheapie house-brand (“Western Family”) olive oil.

As a child I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Virginia, and Florida, and my parents had no trouble finding it in any of those states. They probably would have moved immediately if they had.

Some don’t like it because they find it “heavy”.

I’ve searched, and can find no reference to olive oil being scarce, or especially hard to find anywhere in the US.

Many people simply never cook with it, because they don’t care for the taste. My mother never really used it in more than 30+ years of cooking. I use it almost exclusively.

Not true! If you store extra virgin olive oil in a fridge, you will have a cloudy precipitate, which is in fact solid olive oil!

Now, the real question is where to find plasma olive oil!

Olive oil is available throughout the USA, but is extra pure virgin olive oil easy to come by?

My mom never cooked with it. But then I grew up in a community where all sauces and casseroles had cream of mushroom soup as the main ingredient.

My palate has since expanded, but hot damn I still loves me some tater tot casserole.

"Ozonated Olive Oil
If you slowly and continuously (24 hours a day) infuse ozone from our cold plasma generator into olive oil (organic preferred) over a period of several weeks, you will wind up with Ozonated olive oil. After 6 weeks of ozonation, it will obtain a very viscous, balm like consistency. After placing it in a small jar, you stick it into the freezer for storage (always put it back into the freezer after use in order to retain the maximum potency of ozone). "

Ha! I knew my boyfriend was full of lies!

Quick! Get the tinfoil hats!

But seriously! Wouldn’t the ozone just break up the double bindings? Or is that why it gets ‘gooy’, the oil no longer beingpolyunsaturated?