Is plastic surgery ever performed on people with Downs Syndrome

Can’t people with downs syndrome have plastic surgery to make their eyes etc look normal? I would think this would be commonplace but I have not heard of his being done.

It didn’t used to take place, because persons with Down Syndrome generally died in childhood or early adulthood. Now that they can live longer, it happens. One study suggests that while plastic surgery makes the parents happier, it doesn’t really help the person.

What you have to understand, though, is that Down Syndrome can cause a whole bunch of skeletal abnormalities, not just droopy eyes. Once you start getting into reconstruction, there are plenty of risks.

While I don’t doubt that it’s possible, a cosmetic change isn’t what those afflicted with this need. Granted, they might be able to walk down the street without people noticing, anyone who stops to talk to them will pretty soon notice they are Downs Syndrome. My cousin is a higher-functioning Downs Syndrome girl. She looks rather normal (aside from being a little heavy, but nothing unusual), but she still faces a lot of the problems people in her situation face. Cosmetic changes won’t help them as much as community involvement and understanding will.

What about changes to the tounge? I don’t know how if this qualifies as cosmetic as it seems it would have real benefit to someone whose tounge deterred their speach (I understand the shape of the tounge is often altered as a symptom of DS, but I could be mis-remembering this).

Generally speaking I’d think you’d want a child who was fairly disabled to look it, since it gives people some warning of what to expect of them - to be more patient and careful.

I realize that this isn’t a GQ answer, and I also realize that it could even be interpreted as condescension, but I think that Down Syndrome children are cute as a button and I wouldn’t alter a hair on their heads.

And now for a more GQ-compatible answer

Sometimes surgery is done to reduce the size of the tongue (Down Syndrome is often associated with a smaller-than-usual mouth AND a larger-than-usual tongue). This can provide a more “normal” appearance by making it easier for the person to keep his or her mouth closed when not speaking. It may help make the person’s speech easier to understand.


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I have a genetic disorder too, with dysmoprhic features. Its not as obvious as Downs Syndrome.
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Reverting to the original question.

About 10 years ago I was in the departure lounge of Tel Aviv Int. airport, and there was this old boy talking about how he was involved in performing plastic surgery on people with Downs Syndrome. He said it was highly effective, could be he was biased, but personally I doubt it.

As far as I could tell, he was American, his accent was perfect.

Intuitively the answer to the question is pretty obvious, why else does the cosmetic industry sell billions to women, let alone the cosmetic surgery industry.

I read, somewhere without a cite, about 15 years ago that the surgery had been tried, and in some cases, the subject(s) had substantially improved lives, because people treated them like they weren’t idiots, and they were/became quite functional. Can’t remember where, what, what controls were used, anything else about it.