Is posting dangerous information against the rules?

A number of posters seem to have come into this thread by mistake. Perhaps there is a “is posting incorrect information against the rules?” thread they mean to be in, instead.

This seems far afield of what this thread is about, but Facebook is not a public forum, it is a private company that has the legal authority to regulate and control its property, its servers, and the content hosted on them, basic property rights.

Further, I have seen endless posts about all kinds of covid misinformation on Facebook for the last 1.5 years. Certainly some gets censored, flagged is untrue, or gets the less obtrusive ‘warning box’ telling you it may be false, but a lot of it gets through fine, and even a lot that gets censored is only censored with the little ‘warning box’ at the bottom that doesn’t actually remove the content. I’ve only seen the most egregious content get the full removal.

It’s clear you have no idea what this thread is even talking about.

We’re not talking about disallowing all disinformation. We’re talking about disinformation that can directly harm people if followed. It’s even in the freaking thread title. Your theatrics aren’t helping.

Anything COVID-19 is irrevocably a political issue now, and predictably the same posters are all aligning along those lines. It doesn’t matter what the underlying specifics are, it’s about defending one’s side not and free speech issues.

Yes it does. But when it does it when the government wants it, and when the government keeps threatening various regulations if they don’t, that gets a lot fuzzier.

But I’ve never liked the argument that censorship is A-OK if it’s not the government doing it. The First amendment exists for government precisely because we recognize the critical importance of free speech. That same principle should be applied in any truly public space, which is what Twitter and Facebook have become. The have the right to do it, no question. But I have the right to complain about it, to boycott them, to organize boycotts against them, etc.

Just because they aren’t the government doesn’t make censoring the public square okay - it just makes it legal. Unless they are doing it under threat of government action if they don’t, which I believe would still be a violation of the 1st amendment.

How many times has Zuckerberg now been hauled into a hostile goverment griling session? How many Senators and Congressmen have been calling for facebook to be regulated if they don’t crack down on some speech?

Did Canada adopt the US constitution when I wasn’t looking?

Can we get back on the topic of a ban on posting obvious, dangerous misinformation? All this talk about Hunter Biden, Biden’s relationship with allies, etc., seems utterly off-topic to me.

If someone posts “the COVID vaccine is more dangerous than COVID itself and the way to cure COVID is by drinking bleach”, I’d like to think the mods could and should shut that shit down.

Who decides? And from what I see, they already do that.

The mods decide. And, this thread was spawned from a poster posting dangerous misinformation that wasn’t modded, so I disagree with you.

Linky to the actual post that gave dangerous info?

And, did you report that post?

Here. Yes, it’s been discussed with the mods.

I don’t agree. While you can see from my reply that I objected to that post (to put it mildly), there is no disinformation there which is immediately dangerous.

Here is the disinformation (as in factually incorrect, not opinion I disagree with) as best as I can tell in that post…

  1. There is “no benefit” to the vaccine.
  2. There are no vaccines for viruses.
  3. No virus has ever been cured.
  4. The vaccine doesn’t work at all.
  5. The vaccine is making people sick.

Again, all of the above is provably false. There is a lot more in that post which I disagree with, but those 5 things can be disproven via reliable sources. But what gandrews3367 is saying is that you shouldn’t get the vaccine. And while that can potentially be dangerous, it’s not immediately dangerous. Recommending someone buy ivermectin from a farm store and use it to try to cure them of Covid (or use it at all for humans without the aid of a medical professional) would be immediately dangerous. But not what is in that post, as much as I despise that post.

I think the Facebook rule should be considered–if you’re allowing content Facebook doesn’t, maybe you should question why. Facebook is the largest reservoir of vaccine misinformation, hate speech, separatism and radicalization on the planet, so if your rules are even more lax than theirs about misinformation you have to question the ethics and quality of what you’re allowing.

Disagree. Promoting the idea that people should not get the vaccine today or wear masks today is immediately dangerous.

We will all draw our own lines in the sand, so not to say yours is wrong. But personally, I think “immediate” isn’t the important factor. I advocate for a standard more like a foreseeable, demonstrated, and directly correlated danger if someone acts on the misinformation.

A couple weeks ago, they estimated 90K deaths in the US since June were preventable if people eligible to get vaccines had done so. I think that easily meets whatever bar we want to set for “dangerous misinformation.”

I’m not going to strongly oppose you on this idea. I think it waters down the proposal here but I’m not going to fight tooth and nail to give people the right to use this site for anti-vaccine propaganda. I don’t have it in me to do that. :slight_smile:

Ah. Well, really bad info and opinions there, no doubt.

But that post was in the Pit, so different rules.

I bet if he had posted the same elsewhere, it would have been modded.

He posted something similar in QZ and it wasn’t modded.

IIRC, haven’t posters been banned for this sort of thing? (Handy, for example)

Oy. Should definitely be asleep by now…

Since only one mod has posted (Chronos in #20) I thought I would bring this to your collective attention. From an ATMB topic about a member posting misinformation in QZ, a QZ mod replies,