I'm calling you out on this, JillGat!

Why was this thread closed? I was about to post a response to it myself, when I noticed that you’d closed it
because you didn’t “like it”. Don’t there have to be more objective reasons for closing threads? I see no conspiracy to engage in illegal activity, nor any threats or harrassment directed at the SDMB community. Besides, this thread, which concerned the injection of alcohol into the bloodstream, could perform a useful function by warning the foolhardy off. I noticed that Dr. Qadgop, an actual physician, weighed in. It seems to me that having a real live physician contribute to a thread of this nature is entirely in keeping with the fight against ignorance.

OK, moderators, pile on if you must.

And you too, Oldscratch.



ok, managed to swallow the coffee before laughing.
No, my friend. The owners may determine what is or is not discussed in their house.

Of course it’s their house. But we can complain when we think they’ve made a wrong turn. That’s what the pit’s for, after all.

I’m with javaman on this one. Seemed like a perfectly legitimate question, one that was in fact seeking information in order to prevent someone from doing something profoundly stupid. Read, fighting that person’s ignorance.

Hey, I was amuse by the one line I quoted. I said nothing about anyone’s right to complain.

There don’t have to be objective reasons for anything. Should there be? That’s the discussion at hand, I suppose.

IANAL, but it seems to me that the mods would be bound by ethical and legal considerations to close a thread discussing a potentially fatal experiemtn to be caried out on a real person. If the person under discussion shot up the alcohol and dies, his relatives could sue the Chicago Reader, Cecil, and the mods for being accessories before the fact.

Not to mention the mods have unlimited discretion on closing threads.

goboy, I’m not sure I understand. You are appearing to imply that asking for information and receiving opinions that the aforementioned activity is at tje least, very dangerous and possibly even fatal. I do not see how this could be construed as before the fact complcity.

According to your logic as I read it, if I called a suicide hotline and asked for information, then was told that suicide was a very dangerous thing to do and could easily kill me, my heirs could sue the hotline. Is this what you mean?

But back to the OP, I don’t see any problem with it either…I learned something from it.

::not that I was planning on injecting myself with anything!::

First off, as we know, mods can do as they please.

On the other hand, it’s not as if he was asking us the best way to inject himself and got a few pertinent responses. He was planning on showing the thread (from what I gathered) to a co-worker so he wouldn’t do such a foolhardy thing, and he would learn why not to.

That thread seems to be dispelling the ignorance of the co-worker and (a stretch) possibly saving a life.

I think the analogy is faulty. Suicide hotlines don’t give out information or engage in idle discussion of methods of suicide.

The OP mentioned a specific person who would be injected with alcohol. If the mods allowed the discussion to continue, I’m fairly certain a savvy lawyer could go after the Reader.

On the other hand, if guy wants what is really medical, he oughtta go to a place that specializes in medical advice, say, his doctor’s office. I don’t think the SDMB should traffic in medical matters. Way too much liability. I seriously have to question the mindset one must hold to think getting advice such as this from what is essentially an anonymous source is desirable.

The OP stated:

Not exactly looking for medical advice. More along the lines of alcohol physiology. The majority of replies (although inaccurate) cautioned the OP about the hazards of this practice. Qagdop then posted the first truly accurate reply. And while he didn’t encourage anyone to try this at home, he did explain that IV EtOH is possible.

The thread could have remained open (IMHO). What is the liability incurred from posting accurate, widely available information detailing the legitimate use of a legal substance?

However, with Qad’s reply, the OP was answered. Jill G may have taken that into consideration in making her decision to close the thread.

The potential liability issue was a good point. I hadn’t thought of that.

I find that in many confrontations, it is the lack of communication that causes them in the first place. Normally, moderators act in moderation and let us know what was wrong and why. That’s why we respect many of them. They work with us to make this board work. IM(not-necessarily-H)O, I think JillGat may not have meant for her post to seem as dismissive as many of us have taken it.

I do think it would nip this in the bud if she let us in on her reasons.


I don’t frequent this forum, so you might also email me when you have such a question. I didn’t have any problem with that thread until an otherwise thoroughly responsible, knowledgeable, and I’m sure good-looking poster had a momentary lapse in judgment and posted what, on the surface, appeared to be a recommendation and instructions on how to inject alcohol into your body. On the Straight Dope message board. I emailed him and he apologized and agreed that it wasn’t a hot idea. I can’t really identify with this, as all my ideas are hot. Sorry I didn’t explain myself in the thread. I thought my reasoning was obvious. - Jill

The link was not quite about how to inject alcohol, but rather a poison control medical protocol for managing acute methanol poisoning, which is treated with ethanol. I’d already said that injecting concentrated alcohol would be a very bad idea, but got rather tangential after that, wandering off into a discussion (with myself) on how ethanol is used to treat methanol poisoning. Most laypersons would be very hard-pressed to turn that protocol into a recipe for injecting themselves with Jack Daniels, but I had wandered off the main topic, which was how to stop a guy from doing said injecting.

I also got distracted from what was to be the main thrust of my post, which was how stupid it would be to inject alcohol without a life-threatening reason. I therefore apologized for posting a link which could be seen to promote IV alcohol when viewed by a nonmedical person. Which means the vast majority of the viewers here.

Qadgop, MD
not that good looking, but OK

Again, it wasn’t specifically what Qadgop actually said on the thread so much as how some people might read it.