I wasn't asking for medical advice, Czarcasm

I understand that the SDMB does not want its members giving one another medical advice. I even understand why, being a lawyer myself. But Christ on a crutch, when I say that I’m under a doctor’s care, and ask for anecdotes on the level of drinking ginger tea and deep breathing, how much more do I have to do to get outside the “medical advice” arena? I think I once recommended cinnamon Altoids for morning sickness – that’s probably banworthy under this reasoning!

And your “don’t ask for medical advice” form letter is fucking annoying and patronizing, too. Asswipe.

Yeah, I completely agree that it was a stupid closing. Apparently, kneejerk reactionism isn’t limited to the membership at large. By Czarcasm’s logic, threads asking about ways to quit smoking should be closed, too. :rolleyes:

I noticed someone asking for advice on wiring - shouldn’t they call an electrician? And the person who asked about the read end of the van going out - shouldn’t they be referred to a mechanic?

I think it was a stupid closing, too.

One time I was having some blood pressure/heart palpitation issues and made a post over in GQ asking for some opinions from anyone on the forum as to what the problem could be (sort of seeking some anectdotal opinions to go along with what my doctors had already told me.) I got several answers from MDs that post here on the forum and the thread was never closed.

So I find it strange that this thread was closed.

Whatever you do, don’t post that condoms aren’t a 100% effective barrier to disease transmission during sex or they will ban you.

Just out of curiosity, has a mod ever admitted that closing a thread was not the correct action and re-opened it?

Nobody was ever banned for that.

Yes. But everyone involved soon died a hideous and unexplainable death.

Handy was.

More or less…

NoClueBoy beat me to it. The Genesis of the “medical advice” rule.

More like “less”. He wasn’t banned for the content of his post, but rather for the subject. He was prohibited from posting in any medical threads–he would have been banned for posting the best way to instill eyedrops or how to keep your colostomy bag clean.

Hmmm, upon close reading, I agree with you, ENugent. But I suspect that it was the thread title, “Any tricks for Effexor withdrawal?” that did it in, and Czarcasm didn’t really read it, as such. Those guys can be overworked sometimes.

Perhaps Czarcasm would be amenable to re-opening the thread with a new title, such as “Tell me your Effexor withdrawal stories” ???

Listen Mr Jr. Mod wannabe, I know you masturbate furiously each night because you have the SDSAB title under your name, but what Handy said wasn’t medical advice in any way shape or form. He posted an on topic comment that condoms weren’t 100% effective against STDs, a statement that is totally accurate, by the way, and that post was seized upon as the excuse to ban him, hastily justified under the bullshit “Handy was told not to participate in medical threads” excuse. Putting your nose further up the administration’s ass may warm your little sycophant heart, but it’s not going to change the fact that Handy’s banning was nothing more than piss poor moding, feebly and transparently justified after the fact.

We’ve secretly replaced Weirddave’s coffee with pure Colombian cocaine. Let’s see if he notices.

Perhaps. But I’m sure not gonna do it without a specific authorization.

I wish I’d started taking heroin, instead. The withdrawal would probably be easier.

I have a number of choice things to say about Weirddave’s rather odd post, but I think you’ve said it much better (and more succinctly) than I could.

Yeah, I also agree that it didn’t need to be closed. ENugent wasn’t requesting a diagnosis for some mystery ailment.

Effexor withdrawal sucks. If I miss even one dose of mine I feel it the next day. The brain zaps are probably the worst - it feels like you’re having a mini-stroke every time you turn your head/walk anywhere. I also get horrible, vivid nightmares.

I wish I could help with tips on how to eliminate the withdrawal effects, ENugent - All I can suggest is that you try to taper off the meds instead of just quitting one day, and it might not be as bad. Eg. take a pill every second day for a few days, then every third day, and so on.

But what if he posts a thread requesting tips on withdrawal?


If you think that I am wrong, address the issues, otherwise, GIMME ANOTHER CUP OF THAT COFFEE! NOW! NOW!

Umm. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

I know I’ve heard people referred to before as a “Jr. Mod wannabe”, and I am pretty sure doing so is frowned upon.

And I think you should cut back on whatever the hell you are taking. I’ll be generous and assume its coffee.

And given the quality of Handy’s previous “medical” advice, and his prohibition from medical-related threads, I think banning him was completely justified.