Is potting soil ok for growing veggies?

Or more particularly jalapenos? I have several nice seedlings coming in and I need to thin out the pot asap, but all I have on hand dirt wise is a bag of potting soil, I think it’s Schultz All Purpose Potting Soil Plus. That’s not going to make poisonous peppers is it?

No, potting soil won’t make your peppers poisonous.
Both times I’ve grown cayennes in pots, I’ve mixed some regular old garden dirt with potting soil. The plants grew well.
These guys probably know more about the subject than I do:
Growing Peppers in Containers

Read the section about fertilizing peppers. I managed to stunt my garden peppers one year with too much nitrogen.

Perfection. I now have my pepper sprouts in two different pots, but I’m going to narrow that down to just three or four winners after they grow a bit more and have a stronger root system. That page will become invaluable when they reach the next stage. Thanks Squink.