Is Prince Charles ever going to get a shot at being King before Mom dies?

Will he ever get to be King before mom passes on or does she not trust him, or is the crown too tasty a morsel for anyone to give up?

He’ll become King. I doubt that he will serve for very long (he’s already 55), but he will become King.

When he does, however, Parliament will start thinking that maybe royalty isn’t all it’s billed as being.

I don’t think it’s anything personal, just that monarchs don’t really retire. Had George VI been as long-lived as his wife, Elizabeth would only have become queen very recently. I don’t think that Parliament would really be too interested in dealing with the whole abdication issue just because the royal family wants to speed things along.

Honestly, who cares? I profess ignorance to the British royalty system, but from what I know they are just figureheads. Being born into power was the most ridiculous system of politics ever, not sure why anyone or entity is still even passively endorsing it. :\

By modern standards perhaps, but hereditary monarchies of various types have had a much longer history of ruling this world than representative republics have. To dismiss them out of hand as “ridiculous” (IMO) somewhat ignores their historical power and perserverence.

I’d have to say they’ll keep the Crown, if only to get the ridiculously charismatic and loved William into the throne. Everyone wants to see King William, and King Charles is just something we have to deal with to get there.

JMO, of course.

Her Majesty has stated on more than one occasion (and forgive my lack of a cite) that she will not abdicate the throne in favour of her son. He will become monarch when she dies - if in fact he doesn’t marry Mrs. Parker-Bowles. If he does marry her, then we shall see King William rather than King Charles.

You know, Charles might not turn out to be such a bad King. I think his situation is parallel to that of King Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria (England’s longest reigning monarch).

He’ll never be king while his mum lives. That’s already been made abundantly clear.

Charles would be a good conscientous king instead of a silent monarch. He’d have public support no matter what the government did, because he would only prod at issues, rather than (foolishly) attempt any real domination of a political issue.

Ginger could be quite right about the Camilla issue - the monarch is supposed to be head of the Church of England.

Prince William - ah, now, with him comes the promise of a rejuvenated monarchy, at every level. Expect a massive new wave of patriotism then.

My suspicion is that should William have reached majority when Liz II dies (a pretty safe bet!), there would be huge pressure on Charles to abdicate his accession in Williams favor… i.e. have the kingship pass right over him.

I don’t have a problem with prince Charles becoming king, but the Queen isn’t going to abdicate, so no.

hey, I’m a Brit and I still don’t care.

Royalty are kinda like giraffes. Kinda nice to look at and occasionally interesting, but fundamentally useless :wink:

Supposably they draw more in tourist dollars than they cost, but I can’t verify that at this time.

A quote attributed to a number of monarchs: “There are only two kinds of kings, Current and Dead.” Kings and queens don’t get to retire. It’s not Elizabeth’s decision nor Charles’, it’s just The Way The System Works.

Should Liz someday become too sick or weak to do her duties, Charles will probably take them over as Prince Regent - but he doesn’t get to call himself King until his mother passes on.

Let’s hope not.

And while we’re making unssubstantiated assertions, I believe that the income from the Crown Estates - which they must surrender - is also more than they cost, so they can be said to be subsidising us rather than the other way round.

I could be wrong though.

To answer the OP, the Queen will not abdicate, the royal family see this as being dereliction of duty. It’s by no means unlikely that she will outlive Charles. I don’t know why people see William as some kind of “saviour” though. Sooner or later the press will turn on him too, and by the time he becomes king he will be old himself, and no longer attractive to American teenage girls.

Pretty much all I needed to hear. :cool:

IMHO, it appears that most world leaders are born into power.
It may not be into a monarchy, but odds are, the family has plenty of money and pull in the political arena or actually holds position in “public” office.

Although, Big Perm I do get your point!

Don’t forget that due to Queen Victoria’s longevity, King Edward VII only reigned for nine years before his death.

It happens.

Well there most certainly is a type of aristocracy. Perhaps I just like to fool myself into think I have a real choice! :slight_smile: