Is Ralph Nader going to steal any Republican votes in November?

Ever since Ralph Nader announced his independent bid for president, Democrats have been fretting (not too hard) that he might take away some potential Kerry voters in November. But I just heard a rumor yesterday, can’t provide a cite, that some Republicans are planning to vote for Nader – because they’re disgusted with Bush but still can’t quite bring themselves to vote for a Democrat. Is this true? Seems hard to believe . . .

What about other independent or third-party candidates? E.g., Roy Moore or Pat Buchanan (neither of whom has declared yet), or the Libertarian candidate (not yet nominated). Will they attract any Pubbie voters away from GWB?

I feel pretty confident that of the votes Nader gets…less than 1% would have voted Republican. Far more likely that a disgusted republican stays home.

You’re right that Roy Moore and Pat Buchanan would have far higher likelihood of drawing votes away from GWB, though.

The Libs might get my vote this time, and I voted for Bush last time.

And just to take care of my pet peeve on this subject: Ralph won’t be stealing **any ** votes, as the Pubs and Dems don’t own them. He’ll earn any vote he gets, and it’s really an insult to the voters to imply otherwise.

Check out all the potential candidates here.