is registered dieticion a real job?

Some big breasted girl is claiming to be registered as one. She is pimping a diet of cookies on the today show to a whore with even bigger, faker tits. I am not sure this giggly trollup has herself registered for anything proffessional.

Are her breasts particularly relevant to the validity of her job title?

Anyway, yes. See here:

What an oddly worded badly spelled question. Why wouldn’t dietician be a valid job?


I’ll take a woman with an incidental C-cup bosom over someone who not only posts an incredibly misogynistic OP, but does it with no apparent regard for the proper spelling of the English language. In GQ, no less!

Seriously, this was a BBQ Pit-worthy OP, the fact that a general question could be unearthed from the pile notwithstanding.

If you’re going to mock someone, you’d look a lot better if you learned how to spell what you’re supposedly mocking right first.

di·e·ti·tian /ˌdaɪɪˈtɪʃən/
–noun a person who is an expert in nutrition or dietetics.

Also, di·e·ti·cian.

Dieticianing, like whoring, is a job worth what people are willing to pay for it.

ok. sorry for the misspelling. I never claimed to be as smart as all the supergeniuses here. I am just a random dumbass asking a question to people I admit are way more intelligent than I.

Yes, of course it’s a real job. Who do you think are the people who work in hospitals and decide on the appropriate menus to feed the various patients?


Come off it. Nobody’s asking you to know everything. Using spell check is a substitute for knowing things. Putting “dieticion” into Google would have brought up a page asking, did you mean dietician? And you would have seen lots of explanation of the subject, even from pages that used that misspelling.

But you had to be as insulting as possible for no reason that anyone could discern, while flaunting your laziness and ignorance. In GQ, of all places. You asked for it.



There was, however, no good reason for you to have phrased an OP in GQ in the exceptionally dumbass way you did. The OP as phrased is better suited to The Pit. I am not issuing a warning at this point, but this could be considered to be borderline trolling. Do not do this again.

Since the question has been answered, I am closing this thread.

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