Is Richard North Patterson the new Michael Moore?

…“too few of us know that since that day more Americans have died from gunshot wounds than died in all the wars of the 20th century.”
‘that day’ refers to JFK’s murder.

Scoundrel! Treacherous deceit, sir!

Your link takes the unsuspecting Doper directly to a registration page for the Times! The Times, sir! Whereupon his name is sure entered into MI5’s database of foreign and domestic partisans of the Vast Liberal Conspiracy!

George Smiley would never have countenanced such a dastardly subterfuge!

More people have died from car accidents and obesity too. What’s the point? And is it counting people who were shot by police and burglars shot in self-defense?

I mean, I’m mostly pro-gun-control myself, but stats like that prove nothing.

What makes you think Michael Moore is anti-gun?