Is 'Rome' worth watching?

Rome starts tomorrow on UK TV (BBC 2, I think). I’ve seen a few threads and assiduously avoided them for fear of spoilers. Is it worth seeing? I studied Latin pretty seriously 20 years ago - got a B grade at A level - read Livy, Tacitus, Caesar, Catullus et al in the original though I haven’t kept it up. So am I going to see historical howlers or have they kept things accurate?

I think they fudged around with some of the ages, but I don’t think you’ll see anything that “couldn’t” have happened otherwise. There are ficitonal characters mixed in with nonfictional ones. Most of the folks contributing to the threads here like it, and that includes some pretty knowledgeable clasicists. I’m enjoying it quite a bit. You won’t hear much Latin, although you’ll see some pretty racy graffiti.

Assuming you mean HBO’s Rome (and not the ABC mini-series that was wretched), you should like it quite a bit.

Good production values, interesting characters, salty language, nudity…hey, what’s not to like?

I loved CARNIVALE, SIX FEET UNDER and several HBO shows, but the few episodes I’ve seen of ROME while travelling in hotels are the first show to make me seriously consider adding HBO to my cable. It’s really good (and I LOVED their take on Cleopatra- about as far as you can get from the Liz Taylor femme fatale that’s been done to death).

Sounds like it’s going to be a night in tonight!

I gotta chime in with the majority on this one. I have been transferring it to DVD as we go along, and I’m really looking forward to an afternoon marathon viewing over the Xmas shutdown - it’s good enough to be a movie, and I can’t wait to watch it like that. Definately worth the watch!

Yes, it’s worth watching.

It didn’t really GRAB me at first like other shows have, and I wandered away a little. But then, I started catching stuff in replay, and I’m totally hooked now.

As for historical howlers: I don’t know. Did the Romans have Uzis?

Put it this way, any storylines involving Lucius Verrinus and Pullo will annoy you.

Plus, you’ll know what’s coming up, about 3 episodes before it happens.

And, if you’ve read the article in the Sunday times this week, you’ll know that the sex isn’t exactly accurate…but it looks a hell of a lot more fun than REAL Roman sex.


I was thinking of adding HBO too to see it but is it going to have beginning episodes periodically? Is it a mini-series or a actual season series?

There’s a few shows (like USA’s 4400) that look really interesting to me but I don’t want to start in the middle. Same with Rome.

The article if anybody is interested. (It also says “THE SOPRANOS” is the most truly Roman series HBO has to offer.)

From that article. . .

“while at the press screening here in Britain even hardened hacks were left a trifle stunned by the drama’s relish for brutal thrustings and nudity.”

Them Brit’s have such a way with words.

Still, that whole article seems to be one guy’s take on Roman sexuality. I imagine you could find scholars who disagree with him.

Even then, all the guy is really disagreeing with is the degree to which sexuality is portrayed. Also, given that this is entertainment (not a documentary), to be upset because the sex isn’t “accurate” is to miss the point.

Tony Soprano has pretty good sex with some real hotties, too.

Really? For me, those two make the show watchable. Neither of them is a real historical figure, right? So we don’t know what’s going to happen to them during their various little mini-adventures/hijinks each week. Without them, the show would be little more than yet another documentary on the History Channel, with a little sex thrown in.

We all know what’s in store for Caesar, Mark Antony & Cleopatra.

>>DMark puts his hands over his ears<<

No spoilers, please! I really like Caesar and hope all turns out well for him!
So far, it looks like everything is going according to his plan.
Looking forward to his character growth in upcoming seasons.

Everything is going well for Caesar except for that pesky brain tumor he’s got.

Et tu, BobT?

I believe that Caesar’s brain tumor will prove not be the cause of his death.

Well that’s pretty obvious. I think he’s going to be done in by second hand smoke from Cleopatra.

I haven’t seen the most recent episode, btw. Has he proclaimed Pompey a god on the show as he did in real life?

Quit pulling the OP’s leg. There aren’t any huge historical inaccuracies like that.

To the OP: I am seriously enjoying the show. It strikes me as well written, and has been getting me to look up some of the players.

I am looking forward to the appearance next week of Alexander the Great. That looks like a good episode.

Is this a whoosh?

I have hoped that they would introduce Herod the Great. He’s one of my favorite characters from the Ancient world and gets far too little screen time. He was very much involved with Antony & Cleo, but not until several years after the time currently depicted.

Now that several years has lapsed since the first episode, I’ve wondered if they are going to keep the same kid as Octavian or switch him out for a slightly older actor.

I am thinking they will keep him, as now he will be closer to the right age.