Is Ronald Reagan gravely ill?

I have heard rumors that Ronald Reagan is very sick and perhaps near death. These have come to me second-hand through network television contacts. However, I do know first-hand that at least one major network is moving assets into place and preparing obituary and sidebar stories.

I can find nothing about this on the internet. I can’t believe that I know something that almost no one else does, so I am suspicious-- yet my sources are excellent. Does anyone here have any information on this?

On another message board back when Andrea Yates first killed her kids and nobody knew why a poster said he knew the lawyers and he claimed that Andrea Yates did it because she was having religious delusions. he even went into detail about the delusions, a month or so later when the media reported it it all turned out to be true.

As far as Reagan i haven’t heard anything. But he is around 93 and has had Alzheimers for over a decade so it wouldn’t suprise me.

Well, Nancy Reagan said last weekend, I believe, that “Ron has gone somewhere where I can’t reach him.” So his Alzheimer’s has progressed that far. I haven’t heard any other news. Anybody with the access to news organizations?

This was reported on today’s CNN, in a story about how Mrs. Reagan is quietly lobbying the Bush White House to change their position on stem cell research. She made the statement at a conference this past weekend on stem cell research. As she went up to the podium she was welcomed by Michael J. Fox and Larry King. I know about Fox’s advocacy with respect to Parkinson’s and stem cell, but didn’t know that Larry King was involved. Anyone know? (or maybe he was just the celebrity host?)

That is tragic. For years he could still recognize her, even if no one else.

I am a huge Reagan fan. But even if I were a political enemy of his, I’d feel bad about this. It’s a lousy way to go.

Larry King has type 2 diabetes, one of the diseases which advocates of stem cell research say would likely be curable with further research.

I heard Michael Reagan in the past year say that his dad has been bedridden for some time (and he came out with the Alzheimer’s diagnosis ten years ago).

He hasn’t been able to recognize Nancy for a while now. Several months at least. Maybe longer. I hadn’t heard anything about him recently, but it’s certainly possible that he might be dying.

What a horrible way to go.

For anyone else, I’d agree. I am very compassionate, but not when hard-working Americans lost everything under King Ronny’s reign and trickle down “poof there goes your job” economic, laissez-faire policies…sorry, it’s hard to learn not to burn (flame) when your Dad was a Phi Beta Kappa in Business; yet, he had to start all over again at age 50…as the bills keep coming and collectors harass even though you’ve already made payment agreements with the billing dept and no one listens
and the summonses banging at the door…while trying to make a yummy meal from that surplus cheese…and raise a family on values, not drugs!

Before you blindly label me a liberal, come see what living at or below the poverty line is really like. The truth is that it’s so ugly, you just turn your head and coldly convince yourself that these people deserve to be there.

Now, that’s a lousy way for any family to go. - Jinx

Is Ronald Reagan gravely ill?
It’s relative … yes and no. He doesn’t know it … so no.


Before you blindly label me, Jinx, please note that I was so broke in the early nineties that I pretty much was forced to join the Navy to keep from starving or moving back in with my parents.

The reality is that, even in good times, many people struggle. In bad times, they struggle more.

The trends you noted continued under Bush, Clinton, and W. Bush. Does this mean, if Clinton were to suffer from Alzheimer’s, that you’d crap all over people expressing some sympathy for him?

You say you are very compassionate, but you sure dole that compassion out carefully. I hope I never get into a car wreck with you around. I don’t know if I’ll pass the political litmus test for you to break out a first aid kit, or call 911.

I’m certain that every major media outlet has had an obituary for Reagan (as well as for most other well-known persons) on file at least since he won his first election in California.

Is Reagan gravely ill? I hope so. I have a high school classmate who has had Alzheimers for about 12 or 13 years and has been in a care facility for 7 of them. The disease is one of the hardest on the family and I wish she were gravely ill so they could be done with it.

Jinx and Mr. Moto, we are not going to have a debate about whether Ronald Reagan was a great president or a terrible president in this forum. If you can’t provide a factual answer to the question about his health, you do not belong in this thread.

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Sorry bibliophage. I forgot myself.

Deepest apologies to anybody I offended.

Yes. You are correct about that (for the most part). But networks don’t move talent and equipment around for no reason whatsoever. And it is my understanding that that is indeed being done right now.

Venturing further into total rumor-land, some folks around me don’t think he’ll make it through the weekend-- that is why the obituaries and sidebars were being updated today, while the A-crew is still around.

As ghoulish as it is, I have to say that this is one of those times that makes the 'Dope very much worth my $5. If this is true, then as mentioned, it isn’t very surprising - but it’s still kind of neat to have good reason to believe a fairly major news event is in the offing, well before the mainstream press is covering it.

I realize that this is an unspeakable tragedy for the Reagan family, and though I would probably describe Reagan as our worst president since WW2 - yes, even Nixon- no one deserves to die like that. But that said - from a political perspective, it’s interesting to be able to think about what the political consequences, if any, of Reagan’s death will be.

Yes it would be ‘neat’ to know about, I suppose, even though it is somewhat ‘ghoulish’ as you say.

Still, I want to make perfectly clear that I only have information that people at a major network are preparing today in earnest for coverage of an event (Reagan’s death) that will certainly occur someday, but as to exactly when, no one knows. I also know who the purported source is that apparently gave the original information to the network, and if true, it is information from a source that would definitely be in a position to know.

I know several high-ranking people at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. They have been preparing for this for well over a year.

My main contact there says it could happen tomorrow or next year. It’s not a certainty that it will happen this weekend, but it eventually will happen.

Aren’t we going overboard here? The Reagan family, all of them, has spoken openly and frequently about his illness. Up to four million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease.