Is she being conceited?

Just read a small interview with christina Aguilera.
She says her boyfriend, one of her dancers, is “a dancer-and she’s a star. I can see how it would bother a guy’s ego.”
Is she simply stating a fact: she IS a star, or being totally big headed?

Several months ago, Mr. S told me about an article he’d read in which The Divine Miss A reportedly berated some poor working schlub – a bellhop, hotel clerk, or something like that – for not recognizing her on sight.

Based on that, I’d find the “conceited” theory very easy to adopt.

Well, she is a star. If a woman said, “I’m a doctor and my husband is a janitor and it causes some problems for us,” would that disturb you as much?

It doesn’t disturb me; I just thought stars should be humble abou it and all.

I don’t know about conceited, but I think she’s being mildly sexist. “a guy’s ego”? Why not “a person’s ego” or “someone’s ego”?

Or does she have some evidence that this sort of thing would more adversely affect a male ego than a female ego?

I can’t really tell if she’s being conceited or not because I’m blinded by hatred. I hate her so much. So very much…
It’s not like I’m bitter or anything! Just because my ex-boyfriend would constantly compare us and say stuff like “If you dyed your hair blonder you’d look just like Christna!” or “Hey! If you wore this you’d look just like her!”. Dumb Bastard.
Sorry, what was the question again?

I heard this story, too. The guy supposedly called her “Miss” and she reamed him out for not calling her “Miss Aguilera”. He admitted not knowing who she was and that made her even more mad.
The phrase “conceited bitch” comes to mind.

Eek. Good thing he’s your ex, huh? Who wants to look like Christina Aguilera? shudder

Sounds like I’d give her cause for rage just by breathing, too, then. Is she the vaguely plastic-molded-looking blonde dancing around in a soda commercial some months back? The one that ends up with a dog announcing “woof!” at the dancing, and dog-owner admonishing, “easy, boy,” is the commercial I’m thinking about.

That commercial sticks in my memory mainly because of the memory. The inexplicably-riveted fellow admonishing the barking dog…so the dog’s also riveted in some vaguely lusting way? That’s a creepy undertone, if you ask me, and I’m at a loss as to how it sells soda. “If you own an animal with suspected trans-species leanings, our cola will soothe your pain!” is, I suppose, as good a selling motto as “bite the wax tadpole.”

wasn’t that ahh…umm…whats her name? wait i seen her pic in a rag /shuffle shuffle/ ah here it is,britney spears. sounds like a porno name to me…

That was Britney Spears, and that fellow was former Presidential candidate Bob Dole.

Ah, okay. I vaguely remember something about previous elections. No wonder he lost. Probably planned it, having psychic foreknowledge of the trans-species leanings of canines he’d be associated with in the future. Probably even more difficult to weather through than public fascination with brief experimentation involving cigars–though if it does sell soda reliably, perhaps not.

I’m getting visions of dogs surfing the seamier and stickier corners of the web, and being disgusted at humanality pages. Sort of a high-tech version of them playing cards. And that means time for bed.