Is Sidney Powell insane?

And she skims 90% out, and hides it in a Caymans account.

You will find that the funds she’s collecting for the counter suit are well isolated from Dominion (she’ll still spend it like her own money:) )

Very prescient of you!

"The sources told the media outlet that advisers have put her on an informal list of people to keep away from the former president and added that her phone calls would reportedly be rejected. One Trump lawyer told The Daily Beast that they had recently deleted her phone number.

Powell is also unwelcome at Trump’s properties, including his private clubs and offices, and advisers have been instructed to keep a lookout for her, the media outlet reported."

Must be pretty bad when Trump doesn’t allow you to kiss his ass.

But is it Trump that wants her to go away? I get the impression that it’s the people around Trump that want her to steer clear of him, and I suspect it’s because Trump is obsessed with the idea that the election will be overturned and that he’ll be restored to office, an idea that Ms. Powell would feed and amplify.

Pretty sure someone has something similar to this on their wall:


And that number better not drop to 0! :joy:

Yeah, there are probably a dozen people around Trump trying to protect him and keep him from doing crazy shit.

He needs more.

I’m OK with that. in fact, I would encourage it.

“She bites too hard.”

Just imagine - Trump’s Ass Kraken. On second thought…

Thank you!

And now her story is that all the votes go to a secret central server where “they” manipulate them. But “they” are also currently erasing the evidence so by the time we find them the machines and results will appear normal. How convenient…

Amazing how all this evidence of fraud and detailed leads are invisible to everyone on the planet except her. Guess that’s why the courts rejected her claims and even the followers who want to believe are all waiting around to actually see the evidence. Maybe she wears a pair of special contact lenses that allows her to see the invisible evidence like how Roddy Piper could see the aliens using the sunglasses in They live.

That or just maybe she keeps saying ridiculous things once a week to keep herself in the news and the donation money trickling in… which she’s probably madly stuffing into a pillow case so she can run off and start living off the grid as soon as the defamation trial starts.

So she came to chew bubblegum and release the Kraken - - - and she is all out of bubblegum?
That sounds about right.

In fact it defines the great majority of the Republican narrative, they all live in a science fiction dystopia that they are desperately working to make into a hyper-dystopian reality.

They Cheat starring Insidious Sidney Powell.

And we do not even need the special sunglasses to see which ones are them.

Unfortunately she’s also all out of Kraken.

I find it fortunate that she is all out of Kraken!

She never had any.

so, she was lacken kraken?

She may not have any Kracken currently, and she may not have ever had any - - - but she most certainly is full of something, and it isn’t brains. (Or savvy, or ethics, or sense, or . . .