Is Six Feet Under viable dinner theater?

There’s nothing on TV at all, and I’m actually starting to get sick of rewatching BB. So I’m going to start on Six Feet Under. I’ve never seen a single episode. If I like it, I’ll probably binge-watch the entire series over a month or so. Due to time constraints, I always eat dinner while I’m watching TV. Unfortunately, I have the squeamishness of an eight-year-old girl. In fact, comparing me to most eight-year-old girls is like comparing Lydia Rodarte-Quayle to G. Gordon Liddy. I can’t watch Bones, any CSI, or even Grey’s Freakin’Anatomy while eating (yes, I’m that pathetic). So is this going to be a problem? Need answer fast.

It’s not particularly gory.

Often macabre, but it’s really just a Soap set in a family that runs a funeral home.

Yeah, there isn’t a lot of actual blood and guts (for the most part.) Each episode begins with a portrayal of a death, sometimes bizarre, etc. There is some depiction of dead bodies and embalming since it’s set in a funeral home.
Six Feet Under is one of my favorite shows. If you start it you have to stick with it until the end. The final episode is an absolute must-see.

It’s not terribly gory, there’s some scenes in the first season that show how they embalm bodies, but I think that was to give it a little bit of ‘shock’ value. Honestly, I’ve had more people take an issue (as in, they won’t watch it) with having to see David and Keith kiss than anything else. FTR, neither of these guys are ‘homophobic’ they just didn’t really want to watch two guys kissing.

As for binging on the show, it’s one of my favorite shows but it’s pretty ‘heavy’ and I could never watch more then one episode a night. Sometimes two, but that was it. I watched it when it was on and then tried to ‘binge’ watch it a few years ago and it ended up taking me a few months to get through it watching two or three episodes a week. It can be a bit emotionally draining. Looks like there’s 63(?) episodes, I could probably do that in a month if I had to, but it would be a much better show if I gave myself 3 months or so, that way you can digest each episode. It’s a ‘soap’ yes, but there’s a lot going on.
ETA, yes, you should be able to watch dinner while it’s on. Anything involving a dead body probably takes up 5 minutes of a regular episode. It’s a TV show set in a funeral home, not documentary about funeral homes. A basis episode is someone dying, they talk to the family, you see David or Rico working on him and then they go on with the episode the rest of the intrafamily story.

Poor Dexter—always just one conflicted mofo with a hot sister and major daddy issues. I’ll keep watching. It didn’t grab me and sweep me off my feet like BB or SOA, but it’s got my attention. I’m pretty ignorant of burial rituals, though—what was that thing that looked like a giant salt shaker that they were sprinkling over the casket?

If you’re squeamish about gay guys smooching, then you may not like it, but the series is a hilariously dark comedy that is extremely well done.

If you’re coming off of Dexter, keep in mind David (Michael C Hall) isn’t the main character, Nate is.

If you managed Dexter, I think you should be able to handle Six Feet Under. As said, some of the deaths are a bit gory, and the body preparation scenes are sometimes a very little gory. But basically not. And I developed respect for the work they did to make people look nice for the funerals.

David and Keith do a lot more than that in some episodes.

Well, without meaning to give away any spoilers - you might NOT want to have dinner when watching the episode when David goes to Las Vegas for a convention. On second thought - there is no “might not” to consider - simply don’t eat anything during that episode.

Otherwise, the show is usually mostly funny, with a few sad and touching moments thrown in.

Oh, and the series finale is probably the best series finales I have ever seen, and ranks way up there for “all time best series finales ever.”