Is some of my computer memory deffective?

I recently recieved the following error message:

“The instruction at “0x77f580dB” referering memory at “0x000000001”. The memory could not be “written”. Click OK to terminate. Cancel to degug.”

Does this suggest some sort of hardware fault which I should have HP replace because it is still under warranty?

Also, is it possible that my computer is running some of this “Spyware” that the kids seem to be talking about these days? If so, what can I do to remedy that?:wink:

Head on over to and download Memtest86. Slap it on a bootdisk or burn it to a bootCD, boot from it, and see if it comes up with any errors. If after an hour or so of testing its got nothing, you’re probably fine.

To check for spyware, install Spybot: Search and Destroy.

Sbybot is great but I will recommend Spyware Blaster as well. Install this program and it will help by not allowing known spyware from getting installed in the first place. Adaware is also great in combination with Spybot. Make sure you get the latest updates to these pregrams for maximum effectiveness. I use all 3 of them.

Well, I ran the suggested program like 13 times and it didn’t find anything wrong, so, any other ideas people?

And the Spyware: I was kidding. I thought the smilie took care of that, but whatever.

If memtest86 didn’t find any errors, you can be sure the RAM is fine. Try running a Prime95 torture test. That will check for any CPU problems. If it comes up fine after an hour or so, it’s either a defective motherboard (POSSIBLY power supply, but that’s unlikely) or a software issue. Try formatting and reinstalling windows (after backing up all files you want to keep), see if that fixes it.

Hi threemae
Can you reproduce the error? What are you doing at the time it occurs? are you using a particular program? Searching, using windows Explorer?

Actually, that kind of message almost certainly doesn’t indicate any problem with your memory, but with the software. That’s basically WinXP’s and Win2k’s version of Win9x’s “General Protection Fault” - basically an illegal instruction has been executed by the running program, or it is trying to write to a memory address that has been protected by the OS or one that is already being used or written to at the same time as some other program in memory.

In my case, I get a similar error whenever I close an IE window that has been displaying a PDF file. I need to run some IE and Adobe updates and that’ll probably fix, I just don’t have time to track down the exact resolution.

In any event, I don’t think you have to worry about your RAM or hard drive failing (or any hardware issue), or even spyware - I think you’ve just got a software issue. If you check the software producer’s website of the program that most consistently has that error, I wouldn’t be surprised if the manufacturer has a patch or something that might fix the issue.