Is Sorokin's "Ice Trilogy" the same as "Ice"?

I went to Amazon to order Vladimir Sorokin’s book “Day of the Oprichnik”, which just came out. They are also listing another book of his for pre-order, called “Ice Trilogy”. I already read his book “Ice” a couple of years ago.

Is “Ice Trilogy” the same book as “Ice”? Is “Ice” one of the sections of “Ice Trilogy”? Why is “Ice Trilogy” a new book when “Ice” has already been published?

(Yes, I’m just talking about the English translations.)

Ice Trilogy


Ice is the second book of the trilogy (though it was the first published); the third book, 23000, is apparently only available in the trilogy. Why is the trilogy coming out after the first book was published? Probably because the trilogy was not envisioned (or optioned by the publisher) when the first book was written. Most trilogies start as one book.

Thank you!