Is Soros actually actively trying to change U.S. policy? Or what is the basis of the hatred?

So I’ve tried a search both here as well as the internet, but I can’t find the original basis. My partner used to work for Soros’s Open Society Institute and so I am generally familiar with him and the dislike historically.

But what is the basis (or current interest) by Fox and the GOP in defaming him at all costs? Is there any facts that connect him in any way to the caravan? immigration debate? funding of questionable groups?

The Open Society Institute is fairly, well, open, about what it does, and one of the things that it does is donates to advocacy organizations, for example, the Drug Policy Alliance, which supports changing U.S. drug laws.

I haven’t seen anything reliable that connects Soros or his groups to the caravans.

He’s Jewish.

Since this is a political question, let’s move this over to Great Debates.

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That can’t justify any of their actions without a boogeyman. Since the boogeyman doesn’t exist, they made one up.
Btw, when I’ve asked for cites for ANY of the bullshit about Soros, the answer is usually something like “everyone knows it’s true.”

Jewish, liberal, and wealthy. What’s not to hate?

Soros is a liberal who backs liberal groups, funds liberal politicians, and advocates for liberal positions. He’s also a billionaire, and billionaires comprise the 0.1 percent who destroy the little people - except for right wing billionaires, who are angels that walk the earth.

The right is demonizing any and every figure on the left. Creating hate and fear is the point. Soros is accused of funding the caravans because that’s this week’s issue. When next week’s issue comes around he’ll be accused of funding that. You can’t put thought into why; certainly the right hasn’t.

Just remember, every word the right says is a lie and projection. They are doing in reality whatever evils they wrongly accuse the left of. Since there are no evils they won’t do, we’re going to see ever larger and more nonsensical and more reprehensible charges hurled at the left and Soros.

The answer is that Yes, Soros is actively trying to change US policy. He hasn’t been shy about saying so. Prior to 9/11, he largely advocated more for specific causes, bur for whatever reason, he really, really, really hated ‘W.’ So he was already on the right’s hit list for generally giving money to liberal causes, but in the 2004 election cycle, he started saying stuff like ‘America is the largest threat to the world.’ and that he would sell everything he had in order to defeat George W. So, the right ate those quotes like candy and turned him into their main bete noir. Now, it’s assumed by them that anything liberal is coming from George Soros and anything that disagrees with their worldview is a result of a Soros conspiracy.

Pretty much this. I think several posters in this thread are being deliberately obtuse in claiming that it’s because he’s Jewish or just a liberal. Whether what he’s actually done should make him such a target is, of course, debatable, but it’s not just being rich, Jewish and a liberal that has put the cross hairs on him from the right.

Rich people who don’t support right-wing people and causes are considered a traitor to their class. It’s as ridiculous and stupid as that.

That’s it.


Nothing more to say.

Well thank you, all. No wonder I wasn’t able to track down anything specific.

And thanks, Colibri, for relocating it. I was hoping for a factual answer and thus put it into General.

Soros is just the left-wing equivalent of the Koch brothers (fantastically rich, politically active, and very partisan)… so of course the right-wing has to demonize him.

Um, he really isn’t. He contributed to Republicans in the past. And his views haven’t tacked especially left over time.

Also, most of his funding goes to Eastern Europe, not to US politics. The Koch Brothers are way more focused, way more ideological, way more partisan. Plus the Koch Bros run a right wing network of plutocrats.

What Exapno said: “Just remember, every word the right says is a lie and projection. They are doing in reality whatever evils they wrongly accuse the left of. Since there are no evils they won’t do, we’re going to see ever larger and more nonsensical and more reprehensible charges hurled at the left and Soros.”

Any cites? You know, saying stuff like “America is the largest threat to the world” or something similar?
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Going after Soros also has the “benefit” of scaring the Democratic donor class. “You could be next.” I’ve heard that the owner of the pizza joint referenced in the “Pizzagate” hoax is also a big Democratic contributor, but I don’t know that for a fact.

I couldn’t find any quotation from Soros remotely like the one you mentioned. Would you mind linking to it? And the one about how he would sell everything he had to defeat Bush? Can’t find that either.

The anti-US quote is actually from his book, but here’s a Newsweek article which mentions it during his interview. His exact quote is “The main obstacle to a stable and just world is the United States.”

His quotes regarding Bush are many and varied, but the specific one comes from a WaPo article from 2003. The final line is where he says he would give away all of his money if someone guaranteed a Bush defeat in 2004.

…this is not an “anti-US” quote. And it isn’t even close to how you originally characterized it.

I’m starting to see how easily mis-information about Soros is spread.

So what is it exactly? I guess you can say it is an ‘anti-US policy’ quote, since it largely has to deal with the war on terror. It is literally saying that the main reason that the world is not stable and just is due to the US government and its policies. Now certainly, one could quibble that the US government and its policies are not the US as a whole, and I agree, but at the same time, in typical usage, we equate the government with the country. If I say that the China-debt trap is a major impediment to third world development, we don’t quibble that what I really mean is the policies currently enacted by the Chinese government and not ‘China’ as an entity consisting of each individual currently residing within Chinese territory. If someone were to take that quote above as an ‘anti-China’ quote, I don’t think that there would be much disagreement on the matter.

Besides what was mentioned, I also think that Putin, as a KGB guy then; must have a lot of dislike with Soros because of his efforts to open and loose the stronghold to information the soviets had, his efforts helped many nations to gain freedom for the countries that the former Soviet Union controlled.

Russian trolls never forget.